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Smoking and Food: Denver Weed Shop Talks About Little-Known Facts

April 22, 2021

Most people are familiar with the stereotypical pot smoker who gets a strong case of the “munchies” after imbibing. As with most stereotypes, there is an element of truth to this. But did you know why you get food cravings after smoking pot? Let’s take a look at that as well as some additional facts about smoking and food.

Eating Is More Enjoyable After Smoking

There is a cannabinoid in pot you get from Denver weed shops that is the reason you get high after smoking marijuana: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This same cannabinoid is likely responsible for your enhanced enjoyment of eating while high. When you eat foods you enjoy, there is a chemical, dopamine, that is released in your brain. Studies have shown that if you have THC in your system, there is an increased release of dopamine when eating foods you enjoy. 

Getting the Munchies Is Not a Myth

Although some people don’t believe the munchies is real, there have been studies that show smoking weed does lead to an increase in appetite for many. The reasoning behind is that the THC in marijuana heightens your sense of smell, which can make you feel hungry. The belief is that THC stimulates the part of the brain that controls your sense of smell. 

Smoking Pot Doesn’t Make People Overweight

Many people believe that pot smokers are usually overweight, but the truth is that pot smokers tend to be thinner than those who never smoke marijuana. There have been studies done comparing pot smokers with nonsmokers, and the smokers were found to be thinner. Science hasn’t been able to prove any reason for this, but there is one theory: Pot smokers turn to marijuana when they need comfort, and nonsmokers may turn to food instead.

Eating Your Marijuana Instead

Some people believe that using edibles instead of smoking pot will not lead to the usual food cravings. This is not true, however. There is still THC present in edibles, which is what makes people hungry. In fact, edible users should make sure they have snacks on hand so they don’t consume more of the edibles. Consuming edibles is a different marijuana experience than smoking, and many people overconsume edibles and learn about this the hard way.

Staying Healthy With a Marijuana Lifestyle Is Possible

It is possible to stay healthy even if you make cannabis a part of your life. Some researchers point out that if you use food to reward yourself, you should seek out the underlying issues that make you do this. Using food as a reward could lead to weight gain. It’s important to figure out why you do this and change the behavior. 
You should also make exercise a part of your daily routine. Many athletes, particularly runners, find that marijuana can actually enhance their performance. 

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