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3 Fantastic Types of Highs and the Strains You Should Buy From Your Denver Weed Shop

May 10, 2021

When you first start smoking or using cannabis of any kind, the first thing you’ll likely notice is that the highs are incredibly potent. This is because you’re new to the experience and, at first, all of those highs will likely feel the same. But as you start using cannabis more often and sample specific strains and types of weed from the best dispensaries in Denver, you’ll start to see that the experience is slightly different. These are the most common types of highs people look for and the best strains to help you get there.

Energizing and Creative

If you’re looking for an energized high that leaves you feeling inspired and creative, you’ll want to look for cannabis strains that fall under the sativa umbrella. These strains can essentially wake you up and jumpstart your mind to help you focus on certain tasks and make even the mundane chores you deal with more fun. One of the best and most popular sativa-dominant strains is Sex Grenade. This strain has a unique flavor profile, too. Most agree that it tastes lemony. While it can leave you feeling super relaxed at first, that relaxation shifts to plenty of energy after the cannabis sits with you for a while.  

Happy and Uplifting

Sometimes, you don’t need to be productive, but you still want a high that will leave you feeling happy and up for anything. You’ll still want a sativa-dominant strain and the most popular strain to get you that happy and bubbly feeling is Sour Diesel. It tastes both sweet and sour on the tongue—hence the name. That said, it’s fairly potent, so it’s best to use Sour Diesel in moderation or in micro-doses. If you’re not sure where your tolerance is, start by taking a single hit and see how it makes you feel. If you’re not getting the high you’re looking for, you can always take another.

That Classic Stoned Feeling

There’s always going to be a time when you just want to be high and relaxed and the best way to get there is with an Indica-dominant strain. These flowers tend to promote full-body relaxation and can help you overcome those constant racing thoughts brought on by the stress you deal with in your life. GSC (once known as Girl Scout Cookies) is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. Its naturally sweet flavor makes it great for both newer smokers and more experienced tokers. Like Sour Diesel, newer smokers and those that just want to relax a bit should use it in moderation. But if you’re trying to get to sleep and want something that will quiet your mind so you can dream without fear, GSC will do the trick. 

Try These Great Strains Today

No matter what type of high you’re chasing, Altitude the Dispensary has a flower to help you get there. Stop by your nearest location to browse our selection and let our budtenders know what type of high you’re looking for. We’re happy to help you find a new favorite flower, strain, concentrate, or edible to suit your preferences.