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Colorado Weed Shop Offers Tips for Enjoying Your Weedcation

June 1, 2021

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean you can light anywhere you want. You need to treat marijuana much like you would treat alcohol—and that means you need the proverbial brown bag for your purchase. The budtenders at your favorite Colorado weed shop, Altitude the Dispensary, have seen plenty of rookie mistakes, and this article will help ensure you don’t make them.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your weedcation.

Research Dispensaries

You probably use Yelp and Google to vet restaurants when you visit a new city, and you should do the same for dispensaries. The growing protocols at dispensaries vary, and this means the products are different. An example of this is two dispensaries that have the same strain, but they are different because of the way they are grown.
Keep Variety in Mind

It can be tempting to purchase an ounce because you can do it legally, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Much like you would taste different beers at a microbrewery, you can mix and match your strains. This is part of the beauty of being able to go to a dispensary. And this is where budtenders are invaluable. Unlike buying from some guy who is the friend of a friend, you can engage in conversation with a professional budtender and talk about things like flavor, THC, and the different effects of individual strains. It makes for a much different experience. 

Our advice is to take your time at the dispensary, relish the process, and be mindful of not overdoing it. We are firm believers that “everything in moderation” also applies to recreational marijuana.

Book Lodging That Is Weed Friendly

As mentioned, just because pot is legal here doesn’t mean you can smoke it on the street corner. According to Colorado state law, you have to be 21 or older to buy, possess, and use marijuana—and you have to use it in private. You don’t want to have to worry about where you consume the weed, so you need to ensure your hotel is 4-20 friendly. Do some research before you book. Trivago magazine lists some good stoner hotels in this article.

Wait on the Edibles

If you’re a marijuana novice, you might be tempted to go straight for the edibles. But use caution if you do; it can be difficult to tell how they will affect you, and the effects can last much longer than you’d expect. Take tiny amounts, then wait at least 45 minutes before assessing how it’s affecting you. We recommend starting with a bowl or a joint, and again, this is another area where it’s important to have a budtender to offer advice.

Don’t Smoke and Drive

If you are flying into Denver, you’ll probably want to rent a car while you are here, but it’s important that you do not smoke and drive, which is illegal. Make your plans for getting high accordingly or enlist the help of a designated driver.

Be sure to include a stop at Altitude the Dispensary on your Colorado weedcation. We have locations throughout the metro area. Stop by today!