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Why So Many Young People Prefer Cannabis to Alcohol

June 14, 2021

Now that so many states have legalized recreational marijuana, more and more young people are turning to cannabis to relax instead of alcohol. Even in states where recreational pot is not legal, most people believe it should be legal, and people everywhere have a more relaxed attitude about pot being used in social settings. 
Millennials, generally considered to be those born from about 1981 to 1995, drink far less alcohol than past generations, according to a survey by Monitoring the Future. Millennials are also investing in cannabis stocks.

Millennials Make a Healthier Choice

Millennials are the generation that is unlikely to purchase alcohol—especially compared with Baby Boomer and Gen X. There is no denying that the use of marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol. For example:
  • Plenty of people die from alcohol use. Compared with the number of people who die from marijuana use—essentially this number is zero—alcohol use is deadly. Some 30,000 deaths each year can be blamed on the use of alcohol and its bad health effects on the body. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And as if the numbers alone were not telling, the CDC doesn’t even have a category of deaths that can be attributed to marijuana.
  • People can overdose on alcohol, but there are no reported deaths from overdosing on marijuana. Alcohol is widely considered one of the most toxic drugs around, with the CDC listing 1,600 deaths each year from alcohol poisoning. 
  • Health-related costs are high among users of alcohol. Alcohol is also shown to damage the brain, whereas there is no proof that marijuana has any impact on the brain.

Millennials Make a More Economical Choice

When you run the numbers, pot can be a lot cheaper than alcohol. Obviously, it depends on how much you are drinking and smoking, but if you compare buying a basic joint versus a six-pack of Coors Light, the former is the more economical choice. 

This is especially true if you are drinking those beers in a restaurant. A single night out drinking can easily cost over 50 dollars per person—or even more, depending on where you are enjoying the nightlife. In contrast, marijuana is used rather sparingly, so a 30-dollar supply can keep you going for a full month.

Millennials Save on Calories

Alcohol is ingested, and alcoholic drinks contain empty calories—and are often overloaded with sugar. Alcohol can also lead to digestion issues, meaning nutrient intake is reduced, and metabolisms are slowed. This can lead to weight gain. Even though millennials are embracing body positivity attitudes, they don’t want to gain more weight than their body needs.

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