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Denver Marijuana Dispensary Shares Instructions for Cannabis-Infused Butter

June 17, 2021

The holidays are right around the corner, and with the world in the midst of a pandemic, this might be a great year to add a bit of fun to your holiday treats. Butter made with cannabis—also known as cannabutter—is an enjoyable, inconspicuous way to enjoy weed. And you don’t need to be a master chef to make it.

Your first step is to visit a Denver Marijuana dispensary. Certain strains of marijuana are better suited to edibles, and if you are not sure which, be sure to ask your friendly budtender. Now you are ready to start cooking.

Step 1: The Decarboxylation Process

This process, also known as “decarbing,” ensures you feel the desired cannabis effects when you eat the finished product. This process is essentially baking your marijuana, allowing the THC and CBD to activate.
You’ll need a few supplies:
  • A half-ounce of weed
  • A scissors or hand grinder
  • A glass baking dish
  • An oven, preheated to 220 degrees Fahrenheit
Break apart the weed using scissors or a hand grinder until it’s a consistency that is fine but not so fine that it will slip through cheesecloth. Place the weed in the baking dish, spaced evenly apart. Bake for 20 to 45 minutes; longer bake times will be appropriate for cured, high-quality weed. For weed that has been recently harvested, you should bake for an hour or more.

Check frequently during the baking process, mixing it gently every 10 minutes or so. When your weed is a dark, brownish-green, you can consider it decarbed.

Step 2: Stovetop

Bring about one-and-one-half cups of water to boil, and add 8 ounces of butter for every ounce of weed. Once the butter has melted, add the decarboxylated cannabis. Simmer for about four hours, stirring every half-hour. Strain the butter with cheesecloth into a container. Let the mixture cool to room temperature. Use immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to six months. A Mason jar with a screw-on lid works well.

Ways to Use Cannabutter

Cannabis-infused butter is incredibly versatile, and you can use the cannabutter in place of some of the butter in most recipes. It can be tricky to figure out how much to use, so be sure to test the cannabutter beforehand.
  1. Start with a taste test. Measure out a teaspoon of your batch and wait to see the effect it has on you. Give it about 45 minutes; edible marijuana enters the bloodstream slower than smoking it.
  2. If you are unhappy with the effects of that dosage, wait a few hours and try a teaspoon and a half of the mixture. Again, gauge the effect it has on you.
Keep increasing the amount of butter you ingest until it gives you the desired result. For instance, if you like the effects of just 1 teaspoon and you are making a pan of brownies that yields 12 services, use 12 teaspoons of butter in the recipe.

If you plan to give baked treats to friends and loved ones this holiday season, just be sure to let them know that you’ve use cannabutter. 

For more information on edibles and other cannabis-infused products, contact Altitude Dispensary, one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Denver.