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Denver Weed Shop Answers Your Top Questions About Marijuana

September 10, 2021

Now that more states are legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, people who may not have imbibed before are interested in doing so now. Lots of these people have questions—and your Denver weed shop Altitude is here to answer them.

Answers to Common Questions About Cannabis

How can marijuana be used?

There are plenty of ways to use marijuana. You can smoke it, cook with it, or brew it as a tea. A popular form of using weed is called “dabbing,” which is a concentrated amount of cannabis extract that you smoke.

Does CBD oil make you high?

This is probably one of the most common questions we hear regarding cannabis, and the answer is a simple one: no, it does not make you high. This question often comes up because people sometimes confuse CBD with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the component of marijuana that does cause a high. The biggest difference between THC and CBD is that the latter doesn’t produce a high. 

Cannabinoid (CBD) is the natural compound found in cannabis that is used to treat a multitude of conditions, including anxiety, pain, and other symptoms. CBD actually helps to reduce any adverse psychoactive effects that people might experience from the THC in pot.

What does it feel like to be “high”?

Most people experience different highs, and different types of marijuana can cause different types of highs. You might feel alert, relaxed, energetic, happy, confused—and even paranoid in some cases. If you are seeking a specific type of high, it’s best to talk to the budtenders at your weed shop of choice. Different strains will make you feel different.

Why does using marijuana make you hungry?

The term “munchies” is often associated with marijuana use—especially smoking—and it refers to the hunger some people feel after imbibing. Not everyone experiences the munchies, which are caused by the THC and CB1 receptors in the brain. This interaction heightens all of the senses, and people often taste and smell things more intensely as a result of smoking pot. It’s normal—and the only danger is to your waistline.

What is the difference between indica versus sativa?

Most pot users will tell you that indica strains have a sedative quality to them, making them ideal for relaxing with a move or using as a “nightcap” before bedtime. Sativa strains tend to have a more energizing effect, pairing well with physical activity, being social, and working on creative projects. Although there is some accuracy to this, it’s not really as cut-and-dried as some might think. The two terms have their origin in the botany of the plants rather than the plants’ effects.

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