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How CBD Oil Can Help Burns

November 23, 2021

Many people do not realize that the largest organ in the human body isn’t our heart, our intestines or our stomachs, but our skin. And while there are a tremendous array of reliable medicines that target ailments in specific parts of our bodies, there is a surprisingly significant lack of effective methods to treat one of the most disruptive injuries people can suffer from – serious burns to their skin.
However, recent studies have discovered that Cannabinoids, or CBD tinctures may offer significant healing properties to skin ailments, including serious burns. In fact, so far, scientists have discovered more than 100 active cannabinoids that have the ability to affect the Cannabinoid receptors within the body for surprisingly effective results.
CBN, CBC, CBG, THCa, THC, and CBD (cannabidiol) stand out from the rest because they produce most of the euphoric sensations marijuana is known for when eaten or smoked. THC, with its psychoactive properties, is the main active ingredient in the recreational products, however, THC is not present in CBD healing tinctures. That means you can harness all the pain relief and healing potential of CBD without experiencing a “high.”
How does CBD help skin damage, notably burned skin? CBD weakens cortisol secretion and decreases blood levels, a process that offers pain relief, relieves inflammation. In some studies, CBD has also proven to be a powerful antidepressant and it produces therapeutic effects without getting you high, which makes it perfect for treating athletes and people who want to keep their mind clear.
CBD oil, commonly utilized in tinctures and ointments, is becoming increasingly common for treating first and second degree burns as well as chronic pain from issues like arthritis. One of the major healing components found in CBD oil is believed to be terpene. Also known as linalool, terpene is an unsaturated essential oil that has cooling and pain-relieving properties.
If your goal is to treat a burn, then CBD oil or cream may be an incredibly effective choice. Searching for the best place to buy CBD products or learn more about its medicinal properties in the Denver Area? Our knowledgeable staff will gladly answer your questions and help you to choose the right product for you.
The experts here at Altitude Dispensary are here to help answer all your questions about the legality of CBD uses, as well as to tell you about the many ways it can be utilized to benefit burns, arthritis and other skin and muscle pain problems. Stop by one of our four Denver-area locations today to learn how you might benefit from regular CBD use. Contact us today.