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Tips For Your First Time in a Dispensary

December 16, 2021

There really is such a thing as weed tourism, just ask anyone living in Colorado, or any state that has finally legalized the plant. People really do visit Colorado for the express purpose of purchasing and smoking, or eating, or vaping, or dabbing the various products that can be found at a dispensary. 

Let’s start there- just exactly what kind of products can be found at a dispensary?

 If this is your first time at a dispensary, you’ll be quite surprised that your options go well beyond that of simple ‘marijuana’, endearingly called ‘flower’ at most shops to aid in the distinction between all the various choices you have inside a dispensary. Beyond flower, Denver’s Altitude Dispensary can set you up with: ‘wax’- a highly concentrated form of THC, known to contain 40%-80% more THC than it’s more traditional, dried flower counterpart; ‘edibles’- all sorts of candies, gummies, chocolates, drinks, and baked goods, each with an exact dosage so you know what you are eating and the high that will result from it; ‘topicals’-usually containing a mix of THC and CBD designed to relieve aches and pains topically; ‘prerolls’- which are exactly what they sound like, they roll the joint for you and charge you a bit extra for it; and finally, ‘cartridges’ for your vape pens or other accessories.  

If you are new to a dispensary, you likely haven’t heard of most of these cannabis products. No worries! Your friendly and knowledegable budtenders can assist you in finding all your heart desires. Your budtender is specifically educated to help you out with all your weed questions. Don’t be shy.

Next- what happens when you enter a dispensary? 

Well, likely, first, you will queue up at the door (or out the door...dispensaries are quite popular.) When it is your turn in line, you will give the attendant your ID, similar to a bar, and be asked how you’d like to pay. You’ll then wait a bit longer until a budtender is ready for you. 

Your budtender will ask you what you are looking for- flower, wax, edibles etc. They will then ask you a few more questions to help narrow down your choices (there are a lot!) For example - if you are looking for flower, you will be asked if you prefer indica, sativa or a hybrid. No worries if you’re not sure, your budtender can explain the differences for you so that you make an informed choice. If it’s flower you like, you will then have the opportunity to look at and smell the bud you will soon be buying. This is the whole ‘kid in a candy store’ fun of a dispensary!

Next- how do you pay?

your purchases will be packaged up, usually in concealed containers or bags and you will head to the cashier to pay for your goods. Payment in cash is the norm and tips to your budtender are appreciated.

Finally- Now what?

Enjoy! Hopefully you remembered to purchase a pipe from which to smoke your flower. 

If you’re flying into DIA for your first trip to visit a weed dispensary, do not worry. These tips will help you navigate your first time in a store and ensure you get everything you want. Be sure to contact or visit the best Denver dispensary with three locations in Denver, Altitude The Dispensary for all your cannabis needs.