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Sativa Versus Indica

January 4, 2022

Altitude Dispensary offers a wide variety of products for you to peruse and purchase. Much depends simply on your preferences. Perhaps you prefer not to smoke to get high and would rather eat edibles to get the effect you want. Or maybe you prefer a discreet vape pen. 

Altitude offers a variety of waxes and oils for this. Or maybe you prefer the traditional, time-honored and tested way to reach the high you want- what we used to call weed or grass or pot or, you get the picture. Dispensaries have taken to calling the beautiful green stuff ‘flower.’

But even within this category of flower, you have choices. Firstly, you must choose between sativa or indica. But what are these you may ask? Why, it’s the different varieties of marijuana. Each has different effects. And each has a variety of medicinal and recreational uses. Often people choose these depending on their mood or what they hope or plan to do while smoking it.

Sativas are typically known for their head high. This is often an energizing and invigorating effect which can help with stress, anxiety, and fear. As far as marijuana goes, you might consider these your ‘uppers.’ They’ll allow you to actually do stuff after you get high- whatever that stuff might be. They are also known to increase creativity and improve your focus. I like to write and make collages while smoking sativas for this reason.

Indicas are somewhat the opposite of sativas. These are the more chilled, sit on the couch and veg out varieties. Likely the variety every stoner in every movie is smoking. It’s meant to be very relaxing and can help increase appetite (bring on the munchies, but in a good way), and reduce pain and nausea. This was one of the big reasons marijuana became medicinally legal in the first place- Its ability to help those struggling with pain, nausea, or lack of appetite.  

I don’t remember who told me and therefore who to credit for this little hint on how to remember the difference between sativas and indicas, but man is it helpful. If you’re in Altitude Dispensary and struggling to remember which is which, just remember, with indicas, you’re in ‘da couch. Conversely, of course, with sativas, you’re outta the couch.

Now if you’re not sure which you want and would rather prefer a mix of both, you’re in luck. Growers do indeed grow hybrids of both sativas and indicas. Your budtender can help you with this and will often know the percentage of each in that particular strain. Don’t hesitate to ask your friendly budtender. They can often tell you the type of high you can expect with whichever strain you fancy. 

We’ve come a long way from the two choices I had back in the day- schwag or kind bud. Nowadays, everything’s pretty well kind, and that’s a good thing. Now, we have so many choices it can actually be a bit overwhelming. Knowing the two main categories of flower - sativas and indicas is a good place to start. After that remember that your budtender is there to help you make a careful and informed decision so that you walk away happy with your purchases. Learn more today!