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How to Add Cannabis to Your Superbowl Party (or any party for that matter)

January 24, 2022

The Superbowl is fast approaching so I thought I’d hit you with a timely post about ways to incorporate cannabis into your Superbowl party. Though, these tips don’t have to just be for the Superbowl, you could apply them to any party you may be hosting to be a standout, memorable post.

Let’s start with snacks, as any good Superbowl party has plenty of snacks- both savory and sweet to satisfy all your game day munchies. 

Let’s think sweet- brownies! Brownies are always a hit, whether infused with cannabis or not, really. Am I right? It’s pretty simple to whip up a batch of boxed brownie mix. The only difference for pot brownies is you’ve got to add the pot! And that is usually done by whipping up some pot butter. It’s best to use shake here as you need quite a bit and shake will be cheaper. Once you’ve got your butter made, you just sub that in whatever recipe you’re using.

Other sweet treats can be made the same way, simply subbing in the pot butter wherever the recipe calls for butter. You could also make cookies, rice crispy treats, whatever you fancy really. 

Onto savory- I’m thinking condiments. Say what? For this you’ll want some cannaoil. You can make this, or sometimes you can find it pre-made. If you make it, again, you’ll want to buy lots of shake from your friendly Altitude Dispensary. You can then use the cannaoil to make ketchup or barbecue sauce for any hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken or ribs you may be serving. 

Other savory Superbowl treats? What about nacho cheese dip? Again, you’d use the same cannabutter to make this.
There’s other pre-made edibles to be found at Altitude Dispensary as well- think hard candies, or gummies, or even drinks and tinctures that you can simply buy and set out for your Superbowl guests.

One thing to be sure of, unless you’re very close with your guests and know how a prank like not telling them there’s pot in the food they’re eating will go over, be sure to alert your guests to the choices they have. Often it’s great to have both options available and clearly labeled. A plate of brownies and a plate of pot brownies with signs denoting each will do the trick. This way all of your guests will be happy. 

You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to food for your Superbowl party and that means a lot of ways to impress your guests. I think variety is the spicy of life and having plenty of options for your guests to chose from is the way to go. You can always do a mix of both pot infused food and non pot infused food so that each guest can chose whether they would like to be high or not while cheering for their favorite, or favorite for now because their team didn’t make it to the Superbowl, team. For all your marijuana, edibles and flower needs, head to Altitude Dispensary and let their budtenders take care of you.