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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide- Altitude Dispensary Style

February 14, 2022

Oh that lovely and most Hallmark of holidays is upon us and with it the stress that comes with showing your love to your sweetheart with various gifts, chocolates and flowers. Might I suggest a different kind of flower this year? One that not only looks pretty, but one that is actually useful and fun. One that you can smoke. One that can get your loved one and you high together? The gift you give that you too can partake in and enjoy—cannabis! That’s right, surprise your one and only with the gift that keeps on giving—cannabis products from Altitude Dispensary. 

Here is your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide coming at you from Altitude Dispensary. So hopefully you know your true love well enough to know that, A. They partake in cannabis in one way or another, and B. They have preferences. This guide is for you. But, maybe your Valentine’s date is new, y’all are just getting started (congrats by the way!), and what better way to impress them than heart felt gifts from Altitude Dispensary. Whether your relationship status is married, feels like we’re married, dating, but I can’t even count the years, or, I just met them and really dig them, this guide is for you.

Let’s start with accessories. First off, especially for those folks in the newbie relationships, you will be happy to know that Altitude Dispensary offers gift cards. If you’re not exactly sure what your hopeful true love wants, you can get them a gift card so they can pick out exactly what they want. Gift cards at Altitude Dispensary come in denominations of $25, $50 and $100. Chose your amount to impress.

Other accessories include papers, chargers and batteries for your vapes, joint bubblers, 420 cleaner, and even socks. That’s right cannabis and 420 inspired socks for $15. Who doesn’t love socks?

The rest of the gift guide depends on your lovers preferences, so be sure you have an idea. You can either go flower- in which case Altitude Dispensary offers countless options of indicas and sativas and hybrids for your lover’s smoking enjoyment. And, hooray, your smoking enjoyment as well. Prices start at $7.94 a gram so you can mix and match and get your significant other a bouquet of beautiful cannabis flowers to smoke.

If your true blue is not into flower and prefers to eat their way to high, Altitude dispensary offers a huge selection of edibles ranging from gummies, chocolates, chews, bars, drinks and more. Again, with their low prices you can afford a variety of goodies for your honey.

Beyond that, if vapes are more up your dear one’s alley, Altitude has you covered there as well. They have a huge variety of cartridges available for you to choose from as well as accessories.

This guide mentions the highlights of products you can find at Altitude Dispensary, but it is certainly not all of them, so be sure to get to the store and see for yourself all the products they offer. You are sure to find something for your boo and you too.