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Cannabis is Cheap, Really

February 14, 2022

Cannabis is Cheap, Really

Alright, so first I need to set this little story up. So, I’m on Tinder, yep a forty something year old on a dating site looking for my perfect match. And let me tell you, my perfect match is most definitely someone who partakes in cannabis. I’ve been in enough relationships to know that if this “hobby” is not shared by both members, things can get dicey pretty fast. So, no thank. And thank you for smoking pot (this is a bumper sticker I have fastened to my fridge door by the way.) 

So I’m chatting with this one match. We’ve been getting along. I’m even excited to actually meet them. That is, until they ask me what I am doing and I tell them I’m about to go home and take a few bong rips. And then they replies, aw man, I wish I could do that. So I reply, what’s stopping ya? Because I mean, this shit literally grows on trees and you can buy it at your friendly Altitude Dispensary for goodness sake, so what’s stopping you? And they reply, and I’m serious here, low on funds. 

So, I’m kind of taking this as a giant red flag that a grown ass forty year old doesn’t have enough money to get high. Because, cannabis is cheap, man!

First, let’s talk about all of the options you have. You could buy a preroll. At Altitude Dispensary these are usually sold in a pack of seven joints for $22.29. This match can’t afford $23! Come on! Red flag, am I right? 

Next up, flower. Flower is sold by the gram. The gram folks! At Altitude Dispensary those grams start at just $7.94. Seriously, this match is so low on funds they can’t buy an $8 gram of flower to put in their pipe and smoke? 

Next, edibles. Altitude Dispensary has a huge variety of these with varying percentages of THC. Most of these come in packages with several edibles. The cheapest will run you $7.17 for a two pack of of Three J Hice Cream Strawberry Cheesecake. Seven dollars. That’s it. I mean, that’s like six pack cheap, well, of not so decent beer anyway. And this person can’t afford it? I mean…

Then let’s talk about all the other deals and specials Altitude Dispensary offers. First, you can sign up to receive discounts and specials. Simply enter your email address and they’ll send you their offers. Also, on their webpage you can click to see their ounce of the week! These are varying strains for $99 an ounce! Cannabis is cheap. Also on their specials page you can find other deals including a free joint for spending $60 or more in the shop. 

So, I mean maybe this match is just having a very rough go so that they can’t even spare ten dollars to partake in the joys of cannabis, or maybe they just haven’t been to Altitude Dispensary to see for themselves how cheap cannabis can actually be. I don’t know. Either way, you should check out Altitude Dispensary because they have products to fit any budget.