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Is Today’s Cannabis Stronger? Heck Ya! Here’s a Few Reasons Why.

February 15, 2022

So you may have noticed on your own, or it may have been pointed out to you at some time that pot these days seems to be stronger than it used to be. You know, back in the day when you were buying dime bag swag. Now, possibly it’s simply better because, well, you were buying swag versus kind bud because, like me, that’s about all you could afford in your late high school and college days. And you weren’t exactly in the position to be picky. And hey, it still got you high, right? But how high and for how long was debatable, especially with today’s comparison.

I even remember a category of marijuana back in my college days that was in between kind bud and swag. We called it “pretendica,” as in— it’s pretending not to be swag and pretending to be kind or at least indica. This was usually about ten dollars more than the swag and ten dollars fewer than the kind bud. This was the bud we’d get when we were celebrating a special occasion—St. Patrick’s Day or maybe and A on a test kind of celebration.

But these days, these non college days where that degree I earned allows me to actually buy cannabis at a dispensary like Altitude Dispensary and chose from a variety of different options of flower, vapes, edibles and dabs, the flower I smoke seems to be worlds apart from the flower I used to smoke. But, aside from the difference between kind bud and swag, what accounts for this?

Well, first and foremost, making marijuana legal, and therefore marijuana grows legal allows for there to be research into this beautiful and useful flower. Once we took these silly laws away from it, we were allowed to further research for any other benefits this plant might offer. For this reason, we don’t just have the home grows from your neighborhood dealer doing the best he can. Nope, we have full on grows inside warehouses, or outside in fields, acres of them. The more that is grown, the more that is known about this plant which was once much more mysterious than it is today.
Along with that comes the space to experiment with different hybrids and cross pollination of many plants. This allows growers and researchers to find the best combos for whatever ailment or adventure one may be seeking to treat. 

Add to all this the easy access to information that the internet provides, again along with the fact that cannabis is now legal, and you can see just a few of the reasons why cannabis today is so much more potent than you may recall. 

And, if you’re not exactly certain this is true, check it all out for yourself with Altitude Dispensary’s buying guide. There you can find information on all the products they sell in their dispensaries. So whether you’d like to smoke your cannabis, eat it, or vape, you can find information on all the difficult products available.