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The Benefits of Keeping a Cannabis Journal

February 18, 2022

Say what now? A cannabis journal? That’s right, a notebook of sorts in which to keep track of all the flower, vapes, concentrates, pre rolls, edibles and any other cannabis related product you consume. Just like wine connoisseurs keep track of the wines they drink- the different grape varietals, the vintage, the region, the vines, the notes of plum or wood or apricot, the degree to which they enjoyed that particular glass or bottle of wine, so too can cannabis users. Oh yes, we can! And we should. Following are just a few of the benefits you can reap from keeping a cannabis journal of all the products you purchase from Altitude Dispensary.

First off, when you keep a cannabis journal you are keeping track of everything you’ve ever smoked or eaten or vaped. This means you’ve got some bragging rights. It’s always nice when, amongst conversation, someone brings up this or that strain and you can say, ‘yep, I’ve smoked that.’ Even better if you can recall what you thought of it. Often the simple act of writing something down helps us to remember much better than if we hadn’t written anything down. In this way, you can contribute your two or twenty cents to the conversation.

Next, keeping track of all you have consumed is a great way to get a better idea of what you like and don’t like. Within these cannabis journals or logbooks there are areas to record pretty much anything you’d want to remember including: the method of consumption (smoke, vape, ingest), the smell and taste, whether it was sativa or indica, the time and place you consumed it, the quantity, the effect achieved (the high) and so many more areas in which to record your cannabis experience. When you are actively thinking about these categories, you are more aware of what you are smoking and become more and more in tune with what you really enjoy. When this happens, you can ensure that you purchase exactly what you want and what you like at Altitude Dispensary.

Next, when you record everything you like and don’t like, you can bring in your journal and ask your friendly and knowledgeable budtender to recommend products based on your preferences from your careful recordings in your journal. For example, you can tell your budtender, ‘I really liked this hybrid flower, Gelato Cake, can you recommend something similar?’ They will be happy to help you out with a similar bud and then you can record that one in your journal too and see how they compare.

Finally, these journals are just a neat way to keep track of everything you’ve consumed. They are fun to look back on and perhaps see the evolution of your cannabis journey. They serve as a great reference when, because you consumed, you’ve perhaps forgotten, as is often a side effect. You now have a handy little book to help you remember.

I very much like that cannabis is going the way of wine and whisky. I like that we are taking such a keen interest in it, that we are taking notes and becoming aware of exactly what it is we are smoking or ingesting. Cannabis is a fine product and deserves this sort of respect. Find all your cannabis needs at Altitude Dispensary today.