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Are You a Newbie? Part II

April 14, 2022

Last week we discussed that as a newbie cannabis user you may be surprised to know how many options you have to partake of the lovely plant and its many benefits. But we only got as far as your first option of smoking the flower. Therefore, this blog will be about the rest of your options to enjoy all the different cannabis products at Altitude Dispensary.

So, it’s possible that perhaps you have never used cannabis because you do not want the harmful effects of smoking. It’s entirely possible that you thought the only way to use and enjoy cannabis was to smoke it. That is what I used to think and how it used to be for quite a while. But these days you have options and Altitude Dispensary has you covered.

Probably the next best thing to smoking flower is using a vaporizer. A vaporizer heats your cannabis product at a lower temperature than an open flame. This means you inhale the cannabis in vapor form, rather than smoke. By using a vaporizer you get all of the benefits of smoked cannabis but with very few of the drawbacks. 

Altitude Dispensary has a variety of products to purchase to vaporize your cannabis. They have vape pens. These are small handheld devices which look not unlike a pen with which to vaporize your cannabis. They have oil cartridges for your vape pens. And they have mini vaporizers. These will come with instructions to show you how to partake in your newly purchased goods. 

If neither smoking nor vaping your cannabis sounds good to you, you could always eat it. Yep, eat it. You’ve probably heard a story or two about someone eating a pot brownie and thinking it was just a regular ‘ol brownie (yes, please). But you may be surprised to know that edibles, as they are called, now go far beyond the ‘ol chocolate brownie these days. In fact the variety of edibles and their potency is mind boggling at Altitude dispensary. Now, along with baked goods, you can also purchase and consume hard candies, gummy candies, drink enhancers, chocolates, and gum (yep, gum.) This surprised even me- apparently, it’s a fast-acting edible that’s quickly absorbed through the lining of your mouth and lasts around two hours. Who knew? Altitude Dispensary literally has four pages of edibles for you to choose from.

There’s little else you need to know about these edibles other than stick them in your mouth and eat them. But in case you have questions about them, they all come packaged with the type of flower they are made from- sativa or indica or a hybrid of the two, the dosage and the amount of THC. It is important, especially as a newbie, to adhere to the dosage of the package. You do not want to over do it. It is better to start slow and increase the dosage as you see how you are feeling.

The high from edibles is a bit different from that of smoking or vaping. It will come on a bit slower, likely last longer and be more of a body high than that of smoking or vaping.

It’s important to know that as a newbie cannabis user, you have several options. The friendly and knowledgeable budtenders at Altitude Dispensary are eager to help you with whatever option you choose.