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420 Handbook Part IV

May 17, 2022

Welcome back to our 420 handbook, your guide to all things 420. We spent the last few blogs debunking a few myths about the origin of the now famous number and sharing with you what is the most commonly accepted origin story. The story of a few high school Friends from California who called themselves The Waldos and maybe sometimes hung with The Grateful Dead.

 Now onto celebrations. (By the way, I’m writing this and it is 4:20 right now! Whoa, man.) I personally like to celebrate every 420 I happen to notice. This type of celebrating usually just consists of loading a bowl and smoking it. Whohoo, party time. This usually happens at least once a day. But, come on, you want to know about the big holiday, right! The one that happens only once a year.

There are all sorts of celebrations and festivals that happen to celebrate the date of April 20th. The grand finale of these celebrations, of course, occurring at 4:20 pm. If you are in Colorado where Denver’s Altitude Dispensary has three locations, then you are in luck with an abundance of festivities to partake in to celebrate the beautiful plant and all it has to offer.

Maybe you have heard of a little place called Red Rocks Amphitheater, AKA, my church. It resides in the small town of Morrison, Colorado and attracts crowds from all over the world to hear music in an all natural amphitheater. The sound is out of this world!

Well for 420 Red Rocks put on a huge show called 420 On The Rocks. This year’s concert features artists like Pepper and Method Man and Redman. They will headline the all day concert. The event happens, not surprisingly, on April 20th. Tickets range from $50-$150.

If music isn’t your thing (said no one ever), there are other celebrations happening near or around Denver’s Altitude Dispensaries, don’t you fret. The Mile High 420 Festival is happening at Civic Center Park for the first time in two years because of the pandemic. It is coined as “the world’s largest 420 festival” and I am inclined to believe it.

This festival has free admission and is recommended for those over twenty-one years of age. There is free live music including Big Boi, Lil John, and Talib Kweli. There are also bars, food trucks, merchandise tents, vendors and something called “the 420 experience.” Y’all, I don’t even know what that could be, but it sounds like we should definitely check it out.

In addition to these huge events taking place in Colorado on April 20th, there will be all sorts of smaller, local events happening in your town too. Check out your local bars and restaurants to find out what they have going on. Often they will have $4.20 food and drink specials as well.

You can always stop into your friendly and local Altitude Dispensary to find out what is happening near and around you so that you can celebrate 420 in style. While you’re at Altitude Dispensary, be sure to stock up on all the supplies you will need to fully celebrate this most righteous and far out of holidays.