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What is a Budtender?

Throughout these blogs it has occurred to me that I have talked about the friendly and knowledgeable budtenders at Altitude Dispensary in Denver quite a lot. Yet, I’ve never actually explained just what exactly a budtender is and what responsibilities they hold. So this blog will enlighten you on this oh so important role in a dispensary.

When marijuana became legal in many states and dispensaries like Altitude Dispensary in Denver started popping up as the place we could go to browse, select and purchase cannabis, those dispensaries needed knowledgeable sales clerks. These sales clerks are there to help with the whole process of entering a shop and leaving with the products you want or need.

Because the cannabis industry is very clever, they decided to call these sales clerks, budtenders. This is a combination of the word ‘bud’-a slang for cannabis along the lines of ‘weed,’ or ‘grass,’ and the end of the word ‘bartender.’ A bartender slings bar drinks and a budtender slings bud. Genius!

I cannot tell you how I giggled when I first heard this word upon entering my first dispensary. I love a good pun, and especially one for potheads. Fun fact—as of 2018 the word ‘budtender’ is an official word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary!

I also can’t tell you how awed I was when I saw official budtender certificates (more on this in a forthcoming blog) framed and hanging in the shops. I may have secretly wanted to become a budtender back when the thrill and newness of the legalization was hot. I may not so secretly still want to be one because what fun to be in the thick of all things cannabis!

So what exactly does a budtender do. I can tell you straight off, their job goes far beyond simply ringing up people’s purchases. At Denver’s Altitude Dispensary a budtender’s job is wide and varied. On any given day a budtender might educate customers about the different products the dispensary has. This includes all the different cannabis products—flower, edibles, CBD, vapes, different smoking apparatuses, and various other products within the store.

This means your budtender must know their stuff, and they do. They must stay on top of all the new strains, products, news, law changes, and trends. It is in this way that they serve their customers well.

With this knowledge, your budtender is able to recommend different products to fit your needs. They also can advise you on best practices as far as dosage and safety when consuming cannabis. They also weigh and package the product. As well, they may be involved in the identification and paperwork process.

Who knew a budtender did so much? They are so much more than just a sales clerk and the informed budtenders at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary are there to answer any questions you may have. Whether it’s about the right strain, the correct dosage, or the type of cannabis that will serve you best, your budtender has the answer.