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So You Want to be a Budtender

So You Want to be a Budtender

I get it. I really do. Like I mentioned in my last blog, I, not so secretly, have the same aspiration to be a budtender. In that blog I wrote about all the different duties a budtender has in a dispensary like Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. You may have been surprised that it went beyond simply just ringing up sales. On top of retail, you must also know your products well enough to be able to make informed recommendations to your customers.

Wanting to be a budtender is kind of similar to how I was fascinated with bartending back when I was not quite of age yet to drink. To be surrounded by all those bottles of liquor and smiling happy people imbibing colorful cocktails seemed like a dream. And now, the chance to be in the heart of the cannabis industry surrounded by canisters of bright green bud and colorful edibles also sounds like a dream. Dispensaries such as Denver’s Altitude Dispensary are often hiring budtenders.

So, what are the skills and qualifications you need to become a budtender in Colorado and how do you go about applying to become one? First off, you must be twenty-one years of age or older, just like you must be at least this age to legally purchase cannabis products in a dispensary.

Next, you may be surprised to know that you must have a license to work in the cannabis industry. This license is called your MED badge. In order to get this you must be a Colorado resident without any legal issues—you are not a felon, you do not have outstanding fines etc. You will prove this by getting fingerprinted. If all of these things are on the up and up, then your final step is to fill out an application to apply for your MED badge.

Once you have your badge, you can then begin to search for a budtender job at various dispensaries like Altitude Dispensary. Of course, to increase your chances of being hired, you will want to do all you can to be knowledgeable and on top of all the cannabis industry news, laws, and trends. You must know all the cannabis rules and regulations in Colorado. You also must have a positive, friendly and professional attitude.

Of course, having some experience in sales and customer service will also be helpful. Your passion for all things cannabis will also serve you well. You must be an expert in the products you will be selling, so be sure to do your due diligence as far as educating yourself.

There you have it! If being a budtender is something you aspire to do, here are the tips to help get you started preparing for and looking for your dream job. One last tip I have for you, spend plenty of time in your local, friendly Altitude Dispensary. While there, talk to their budtenders, ask them questions, try out the products and become as knowledgable as you can so that you will be the best applicant you can be.