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A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marajuana- Part I

A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marajuana- Part I

We have briefly touched on all the different ways to enjoy all the various products sold at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. This series of blogs aims to dive a bit deeper. I’ll chronicle the different means to partake in the devil’s lettuce according to my preferences.

My most preferred way to enjoy cannabis is with a good old fashioned joint. It is likely for this express reason that it is my preferred method. I consider myself a purist, though I’m not sure anyone else would. And as such, I prefer to smoke marijuana the way it has been smoked for years and years and years— rolled into very thin papers and twisted off at the end. Once sparked, this joint is passed around a group of people- old friends, new friends, show friends, camp friends, all the friends. I fee this is the most communal way to share this most precious flower. There’s just something about everyone smoking the same grass, getting the same high that makes the high all the more enjoyable.

Alas, ever after years and years of practicing—using the dollar bill method and even using a devise made to roll the joint for you (if you can just remember which side of the paper goes in first)—I am no good at rolling properly tight joints (they need to be tight so that they smoke easily and slowly.) But no worries if you too can’t roll. Denver’s Altitude Dispensary sells “pre-rolls.” These are pre-rolled joints for you to enjoy at your leisure. They are ready when you are, no assembly required. Phew. You can buy one or two or a pack of pre-rolled joints. The quantity of marijuana within is measured so that you know exactly what and how much you are smoking.

Joints are great to have handy when you are on the go. This is versus at home where you might have the space and time to properly, say, load a bowl or a bong (see next blog for details into this preferred method of smoking). I love to have joints at the ready for concerts, or camping, or hikes, or BBQs, or really anywhere when I’m not at home. It’s fun to be the one that pulls out a few pre-rolls from Altitude Dispensary to spark up and share with a handful of friends. You become the life of the party. Joints are also a great way to make new friends.

While, perhaps the most wasteful way to smoke (the only downside I can think of), it is to me the best and most communal way to smoke. I say it’s wasteful because a joint is continually lit (if it’s rolled tightly enough). This means that the joint keeps burning even when people are not inhaling it. This means there will be some marijuana which is not smoked and simply goes into the air instead of your lungs. So, there you have it—my number one preferred method to smoke the beautiful flower that comes from Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. Joints are easy and communal and just all around fun to share. Stay tuned next week for part II of this guide where I’ll write about bongs and pipes.