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A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marijuana- Part II

A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marajuana- Part II

Last week I shared with you my most favorite way to partake in the lovely cannabis products you can purchase at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. This week, I will tell you about my second favorite way to smoke—with a pipe. This is likely the most common way to enjoy it. At least it used to be the most common way to enjoy flower, but perhaps the surge of edibles and concentrates has changed that. I’m not sure, maybe that’s another blog.

A pipe is exactly what you may have seen your grandfather smoke tobacco out of. It is the same concept. You stuff a bunch of pot purchased at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary somewhat tightly into the ‘bowl’, or round empty spot which can be filled, and then you place a flame to that. You inhale through the long stem part and the smoke tunnels through that.

You want it pretty tightly packed because in this way you can get it to be what stoners call ‘cherried.’ This means that it is burning and you do not need to keep hitting it with a flame. You can just keep inhaling without the need to relight it.

This is convenient when you are passing the bowl around. I mentioned in my last blog that my favorite way to smoke is with a joint and that this is because it is so communal. Smoking a pipe, or a bong that you can buy at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary can also be communal. Generally you stand in a circle and pass the pipe around to your friends.

These pipes can be all sorts of materials, but the generally accepted best material is glass. Though when I was younger, I surely wasn’t smoking out of the beautifully colorful and handcrafted glass pipes we have today. I mean these could seriously be considered works of art. One of the reasons glass is preferred is because of the ever changing colors and designs within the piece as you smoke out of it. Over time, the smoke changes what it looks like from day to day.

Nope, when I was younger, I was usually smoking out of a metal pipe—the kind that looks like sink parts. In fact, sometimes, that’s exactly where I’d get my screens for those pipes. There was a necessity for a screen because I was not smoking the beautiful weed that you can get at Denver’s best dispensary. Nope, I was smoking what we affectionately called, brick weed (more on that in another blog to come.) When you’ve got brick weed, you’ve got to break it up and sort it to get the stems and seeds out and this results in the need for a screen so that you don’t suck the grass up with your inhale.

Aren’t we all so luck that we can now legally purchase kind bud from the best dispensary in Denver? I know I am. No more eating ashy grass. Nope! So there you have it—my second favorite way to smoke weed—out of a pipe, preferably glass and preferably with a bunch of friends. So head on out to Denver’s Altitude Dispensary and get you something to put in your pipe and smoke.