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A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marijuana- Part III

A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marajuana- Part III

Welcome to part III of our series about the different ways to enjoy marijuana. We started with my favorite ways first. I love to enjoy marijuana in a joint because it is so communal and sharable this way. I also love to use a pipe to smoke the grass that I purchases at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. This is again because it is communal and also is a bit less wasteful than a joint can be.

My next favorite way to enjoy marijuana and the topic of this week’s blog is a bong. A bong is also known as a water pipe. This is because it uses water. A bong consists of a round, long tube with an opening on the top. This opening is what you will put your mouth over to inhale the smoke. A bong also has what is often called a “stem.” This is the piece on which the bowl is. The bowl is the place in which you place your weed.

Once the weed is ground, it is placed in the bowl. The pot is lit with a lighter and you place your mouth over the tube and begin to inhale somewhat slowly. This inhale will cause the water in the tube to bubble. You want to inhale as long as it takes to fill the tube with smoke. Once it is filled, you will pull the stem and take one final, quick inhale to clear the bong. This will cause the water to bubble intensely. Then you will proceed to get very, very high.

This is probably the top reason I love to use a bong to enjoy the marijuana I buy from Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. You can get a very quick and very intense high, often from only one hit (a hit is one pull or puff off of whatever it is you are smoking.) This is compared to a joint or a pipe where you might take anywhere from three to eight some hits to get the same effect. For this reason, a bong is my go to choice when I want a quick and easy high. One hit and done. I like that.Another reason I love to smoke a bong is because of the tube and the water. Filling the tube with water means that the smoke is filtered and cooled as you burn the marijuana with the lighter. This makes it more enjoyable and less likely to burn or irritate your throat.

Bongs can also be really pretty. I have a lovely blue/green glass bong that is about a foot and half tall. It is often mistaken for a vase, which is a good thing when mom comes to visit. Their beauty makes then a good conversation piece. It is said that the smoke in a glass piece can make it change colors. While I’ve only seen my bong go from light to dark, I’ve seen other glass pieces get some nice color after some smoking. There you have it, all the reasons I love to smoke grass from glass bong. Maybe it’s something you’d like to try out. If so, get yourself to Denver’s Altitude Dispensary to pick one out.