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Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games Part IV

In this blog series, Altitude Dispensary explores the best marijuana games to play while partaking in the beautiful flower. Similar to drinking games, these game provide hours of entertainment while socializing with a few of your friends. So let these blogs be your guide to choosing the best and most fun games to play after your purchases from Denver’s Altitude Dispensary.

The next game we would like to explore is called Stoner City. If Ganjaland was like Candyland, think of Stoner City to be similar to Monopoly for, well, stoners. In a city. 

The goal of this game is to build and manage your weed empire. Joint and bong pieces are part of the game and help you to build your empire. There is also a police car and if you land on a square that the police car is on, you are unable to pass ‘grow.’ ‘Grow’ is like ‘go’ in Monopoly, and if you cannot pass ‘grow’, you cannot collect any cash for your stash. 

It is estimated that this game will take you about two hours, but I am pretty sure that all depends on just exactly how stoned you get while playing. It is perfect for two to five players and will provide lots of fun and laughs as you build your marijuana empire and avoid the police. 

The next game Altitude Dispensary would like to explore is called The THC game. While you do not have to be stoned to play it, it is certainly encouraged. That is because the freedom and ease that comes with being stoned makes the game that much more entertaining. 

In The THC game, players compete in a series of dares—such as taking a shot or a big hit, or taking off an article of clothing. Other tasks involved in this game include tongue twisters and thumb wars. Each round of this game takes only about thirty minutes—but, of course, that may depend on how stoned you are.

There are a lot of crazy and weird challenges each player must attempt in order to win. Grab a few friends and spin the wheel. Then take a hike through Bong Meadows and Cannabis Forest. Your goal is to make it to the Marijuana Clinic. But first, get your funky on and take all the dares. 

Another fun game to play with a few of your stoner friends is the card game, Weed. In this game the object is to grow the most marijuana plants in your garden (are you starting to see a theme here?) Each player gets five cards face down and these are used to grow your garden, sell your stash and avoid the police. 

Who knew there were so many pot related games to play with your friends? Believe it or not, there are still more to explore and tell you about. So head over to Altitude Dispensary to get all your cannabis needs, then grab a few friends for a fun and entertaining evening with one of these stoney games.