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Classic Methods of Enjoying Your Denver Recreational Marijuana

November 6, 2015

The best dispensary in Denver is here to share the tried and true methods of ingesting your recreational (and medical) herb. While things like edibles, vaporizers, dabs, and hash oil pens are gaining in popularity due to their newness and novelty, the classics will never go out of style. The older methods are still around because they’re still the most effective. This isn’t to say the new ways of smoking and ingesting pot aren’t great; they certainly have their merits and positive aspects. However, as the old saying goes: if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • Rolling a Joint: As long as there have been people to break up dried buds into an easily smokeable substance, there has been the marijuana cigarette, aka, the joint. There are many slang terms for a joint: spliff, doobie, zoot, and probably one for every small group of people who enjoyed the benefits of cannabis together. The first joints were likely rolled in Asia, thousands of years ago, with other dried leaves or rice paper. Joints offer a way to smoke a minimal amount of herb while not being as harsh on the lungs as blunts or small, wooden or clay pipes. Some of today’s joints have evolved into a sophisticated affair of rolling with a filter included. Whether you’re looking for a pre-rolled joint or just the bud and papers to do it yourself, the joint will always be the go-to way of smoking for the vast majority of marijuana smokers in the Denver area.
  • Hitting a Bong: In the old days, just like the joint, there were dozens of different ways to create a bong out of stuff you can find around the house. Plastic soda bottles, milk jugs, every pot smoker had to be MacGyver at some point. With the common sense laws of today, the recreational pot smoker can purchase a high quality bong without fear or judgment or breaking the law. Just a few years ago, even mentioning the green stuff in the confines of a good head shop could get you expelled post haste. Not today. Now a smoker can peruse the bongs of his local shops or online and read detailed reviews about the quality of materials used. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes and materials. Glass is by far the most common material, and can also prove the most expensive. Plastic and plexi bongs are available but they won’t have the long lasting shelf life of their glass counterparts.  
  • The Glass Pipe: Marijuana pipes come in more varieties than your favorite canned soup. Wooden, plastic, metal, and other materials have been used over the past few decades to smoke our favorite herb. No other material used comes close to the quality of a glass pipe. Metal pipes conduct heat from the ignition source and have burned more fingers than hot pizza. Plastic clogs fast and wooden pieces are nigh impossible to clean once they get broken in. Glass offers everything required to enjoy the most benefits out of your pot. The heat stays localized to the source without spreading, and the smooth surfaces allow for the smoke to flow unobstructed to the lungs. They are also the easiest material to clean The only downside to glass pipes are how easy they can break if dropped on a hard surface.  
Everyone has their own preference when it comes to enjoying their cannabis - and there are many options to try to see what you like best. Stop by one of our locations in Denver or our newly opened shop in Aurora to chat with a budtender in person and allow them to help you figure out what might suit you best. Any way you slice it, we can give you our best recommendations and the best products you can find.