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3 Exciting New Methods of Partaking in Denver Marijuana Dispensaries

November 12, 2015

With the new laws in Colorado finally making the consumption of marijuana legal for both medicinal and recreational use, necessity is no longer the mother of invention for new and unique ways of smoking pot. While the apple-pipe and empty aluminum cans had to do in a pinch in the old days of prohibition, the creative and enterprising kind-person can now expand the horizons of marijuana. Weed shops in Denver have experienced a booming business, so alternatives and more efficient ways of ingesting weed have been proliferating in recent years. But, out of all these new products and contraptions, which ones are the best? We here at Altitude Dispensary have come up with the best new ways of consuming your herb:
  • Dabbing – Probably the most potent form of marijuana extraction on the market, Dab’s potency is dependent on several factors. Technically speaking, a Dab is defined as any concentrated product using a chemical or organic extraction process of cannabis. The most common chemicals used in extraction are isopropanol and butane. When not handled professionally, these processes can be dangerous, and even disastrous. We at Altitude DO NOT recommend you try to make concentrates yourself. There are now sophisticated apparatuses professionals use in this process to make it safe and create a highly potent and effective concentrate. Dabs also require very, very little so they can be used for the occasional, or constant dosing needs, depending on the person.

  • Tinctures – While certainly not new, we’ve added tinctures to the list because of the latest products and recent, widespread availability. For years, the majority of marijuana consumption has been smoking it in leaf form. Tinctures are similar to dabs in the sense they are a concentrated form of cannabis, but are typically extracted using alcohol or ethanol as opposed to the chemicals used to make dabs. The dosage of tincture is measured in dropper form, making it easy for the recreational, or the more seasoned, users of the liquid to figure out their optimal amount.

  • Vaporizers – This method is quite possibly the most popular of the latest pot smoking trends. We’ve been mentioning concentrates quite a bit, but haven’t mentioned how you go about smoking some of them. Vaporizers allow the recreational and/or medicinal marijuana user smoke the various kinds of concentrates, whether they are dabs, wax, shatter, budder, or oil. One of the reasons vaping has become a preferred method of smoking is because there is no combustion used. When smoking joints, bongs, or pipes, you have to use a flame to ignite the bud. This burns hotter than it needs to be, and that heat is transferred to your lungs. Vaporizers use a heated coil or other heat source to quickly and efficiently heat the substance to its smoke point.
Altitude Dispensary has all the answers and recommendations for your recreational and medical marijuana needs. We invite you to visit one of our three locations and contact us with any questions you might have.