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Best Dispensary in Denver Suggest Best High Comedy Movies

November 20, 2015

The list of movies to watch while high is longer than the trip from DIA to Jamaica. But, what kind of Denver Dispensary would we be if we didn’t come up with our own lists of the best movies to watch while imbibing the best marijuana in the state? We started with comedies. Left off the list are those movies already steeped in the mythos of ‘Greatest Stoner Movie Ever’; we’ve done away with the obvious choices of How High, Half Baked, and every Cheech & Chong movie. So, we have debated and made our choices, and have come up with our latest list of Best Comedies to Watch While Enjoying Quality Our Products:
  1. The Big Lebowski – Trying to narrow down which Coen Brother’s movie to include is a task in and of itself. Their quirky style, along with complex plots, unexpected twists, razor-sharp writing, and impeccable casting, their movies are perfect for repeated viewings by all cannabis-loving movie buffs. Some will vote for Raising Arizona and others will decry the brilliance of Fargo, but there simply isn’t a better Coen Brothers movie as scattered and nuanced as the insane adventures of The Dude. After all, he does imbibe, and so do we.
  2. Grandma’s Boy – Most smokers already know of this hilarious movie. Mention the film outside of those who sympathize, and you’re likely to met with blank stares or even the occasional eye roll. It’s a Happy Madison production, but the good news is there is NO Adam Sandler. Instead, the cast is made up of those who normally surround Sandler in his movies and make him seem much funnier than he actually is. Set in the world of video game testers, Grandma’s Boy is a movie that harkens back to the old party movies like Animal House and Porky’s, but with much better writing, and more laughs per hits off the joint.
  3. Super Troopers – Broken Lizard’s first movie and arguably their best. While Beer Fest is also rib-crackingly hilarious, none of their follow-ups have ever matched the low-budgeted brilliance of their first foray into raunchy comedies. Set in the last days of a bungling Vermont Highway Patrol station, Super Troopers takes the cop comedy to places usually reserved for college freshman on their first weekend away from normal society. Their feud with the local city police and the murder of a local drug dealer fuels a story for the comedy ages.
The top three comedy movies to watch while high are sure to be a point of contention. Different tastes and senses of humor will always have their own favorites. It wasn’t easy to leave movies like Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, or Ted, but decisions must be made. Let us know your favorites! We invite you to come on over to one of Altitude Dispensary’s three locations and give us your own recommendations.