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Weed Shops in Denver Offer Gifts for Your Recreational Smoker

December 4, 2015

The ever-expanding use and quality of technology have made holiday gift giving more and more difficult every year. In the old days, we always had the fallback gifts of music CDs and books. With everything going digital, a huge swath of pseudo-personalized gift giving ideas has gone out the window. There’s just something impersonal about giving an iTunes gift card or a voucher for a Kindle book. But, here in Colorado, odds are you have a recreational pot smoker on your list this year. So, we here at Altitude, a.k.a. the best dispensary in Denver, have come up with a list you might have to check twice:
  • Pre-Rolled Joints: Sometimes the stereotypes about recreational pot smokers are true – we can be on the lazy side. This is why pre-rolled joints are sure to be a home run with your resident smoker. The pre-rolled joints here at Altitude Dispensary come in all of our highest-grade marijuana. 707 Truthband, BlackWater, Blue Dream (one of our most popular), Diesel Dream, Glueyork Diesel, Harlequin, Jedi Kush, OG Bubba Kush, Purple Dream, and Raz Kush, the only thing you’ll have trouble with this holiday is deciding which strains are best for the smoker you’re buying for.
  • Edibles: We can’t recommend edibles enough, and we’re guessing the recreational marijuana user on your gift list will feel the same way. Our supply of edibles changes every week, depending on availability. But, classics like the always-popular Cheeba Chew, Edipure products, and Sweet Grass Kitchen’s delectable treats will be perfect for stocking stuffers or a special indulgence when your family and friends celebrate the holidays. Cookies, brownies, hard candies, and salty edibles will be just what the doctor ordered come Christmas morning.
  • Marijuana: Yes, it really is that simple. Some people have a preference to whether they like Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. If you’re not sure, Indica strains tend to be the pain relievers, so they make people a little more tired. Indicas are also good for those looking for something to help them relax at the end of a long day. Sativa strains can give a jolt of energy to the smoker, making it one of the go-to strains for creative types and those with a lot to do every day.
  • Concentrates: One thing pot smokers love is to get the effects of marijuana in as little dose as possible. This is where concentrates like extracts and tinctures come in. Both take very little to achieve the same effects as a hefty quantity of straight marijuana, regardless of the strength or strain.
The holidays can be merry and bright with the perfect gifts this season. Don’t leave your recreational Denver pot smokers out of the gift giving this year. Altitude Dispensary has all of your recreational marijuana gift giving ideas all under one roof. Come in and see us and we’ll help you find the best gifts for your list.