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Dispensaries in Denver Dispel the Top Stoner Myths

December 18, 2015

When the laws in Colorado changed to allow recreational smokers to come out into the light of day, many myths were quickly set ablaze. The best dispensary in Denver, Altitude Dispensary, has come up with a list of the biggest myths that have been dispelled this year:
  • Smoking Pot Makes People Lazy and Unmotivated: The shear success of the legal marijuana boom in Colorado has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the old myth that pot smokers can’t get off the couch. The reason the stereotype exists is because there are a lot of people who sit on their couch all day and watch TV. Many people are under the impression it stifles ambition. However, like Melanie in Jackie Brown says, “Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV all day.” Pot doesn’t make someone lazy or unmotivated – that person was already unmotivated and lazy to begin with.
  • Marijuana is Addictive: This has been one of the most untrue and harmful statements against the pot industry since the 70s. Study after study, and expert after expert have published findings stating unequivocally that there is nothing in marijuana that is addictive. There has not been one recorded case of a pot overdose or someone holding up a liquor store in order to score a dime bag of weed. It just simply does not happen.
  • Marijuana has No Medical Properties: Again, the list of states realizing and accepting the growing acceptance of the medical community’s pronouncements of the medical benefits to pot should be enough to put this myth to bed once and for all. There are actually too many of those benefits to list here. That’s a whole other post (or three or four). Serious illnesses, cancer, PTSD, anxiety, IBS, and hundreds of other ailments can be alleviated with marijuana. Most western medicine that comes in pill form end up causing much more harm than good. Just listing off the side effects of many pharmaceuticals is enough to scare anyone away from trying them.
  • Pot Equals Higher Crime Rates: One year after the legalization of pot in Colorado, a status report was released to give the facts about crime rates in Colorado. Violent crime in Denver was reduced by 2.2% in the first eleven months since legalization, burglaries dropped by 9.5%, and overall property crime decreased 8.9%. These are significant numbers after less than a year of full legalization – both medical and recreational in the state of Colorado.
Whenever someone doesn’t agree with something, they’ll make up all kinds of reasons and excuses to stifle change. The bogus accusations made against marijuana and the people who use cannabis have been slowly but surely debunked over the past two years. If you would like to partake in a perfectly legal and socially acceptable way to enjoy yourself, contact Altitude Dispensary today for the best bud you can find in the Denver area.