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Keeping Your Denver Cannabis Fresh and Potent

December 22, 2015

Growing up in the days of prohibition, there wasn’t a lot of information out there about how to keep your weed fresh. There also was rarely enough of the green stuff out there to keep for any kind of length of time. If there was any extra, it was put into a sandwich bag, licked, loosely sealed and thrown in the freezer until it was time to consume. Basically, it wasn’t about any kind of long-term storage and use of your pot because there was never enough to keep a healthy supply on hand. Things are different these days. With weed dispensaries in Denver like Altitude the Dispensary, certain strains that are favored more than others get scooped up whenever they’re available. As such, the desire to store some of the favorites for long periods of time have become commonplace, like keeping a good wine or champagne for special occasions.
Most marijuana is stored for no longer than a couple of months before it gets smoked or used in other ways (cooking, making hash oil, etc.). Kept at room temperature and using basic storage, that’s about the shelf life for decent pot as it is. Long-term storage of pot is not common. Well, it didn’t use to be, but the practice should be becoming more conventional as more and more states are taking the steps to legalize medicinal and recreational pot. But, if you’ve started finding those favorites at Altitude when they’re available, you might find yourself in need of better storage for the long haul.
The reasons for proper storage are varied:
  • THC Breaks Down Over Time – THC, the component in marijuana that gets you high, as well as the other cannabinoids in your pot start to break down as soon as the stalks are cut or the buds are picked from the branch. Both air and light speed up this process.
  • Moisture is Not a Friend – Your weed should be as dry as the Sahara. This means your cannabis should be cured and completely dried before storage or consumption is considered. Moisture promotes mold and spore growth in warm places. If there’s moisture and the storage is cold, frost can form on your weed and damage the buds significantly.
  • Heat is Bad – The best places to store your pot – as long as it is sealed, airtight, and bone dry – is the freezer or refrigerator. Heat and fluctuating temperatures will hasten the breakdown of your pot, leaving you with weakened, sorry green you wouldn’t wish on your enemies.
  • Light – When growing, marijuana plants need different hours of darkness and light in order to grow properly. After the buds have been plucked and trim, they mainly need dark to continue keeping their potency. It’s best to keep your pot in a darkened area whenever you aren’t using it.
To keep your Altitude the Dispensary medicinal or recreational marijuana as fresh as possible, make sure it has been cured as is dry as fall foliage, keep it in an airtight container, preferably vacuum sealed, and keep it in a cool, dry, dark place.