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Golden Goat: Hybrid Sativa Dominant Review

January 8, 2016

Throughout all the weed shops in Denver, there are some strains that end up being obscurities in the greater scheme of medicinal and recreational marijuana; the strains that have yet to achieve greatness via Cannabis Cup ribbons and well-established street clout. Then there are some strains that have already become a pervasive name in any cannabis-smoking household. These are the strains your old go-to would say you were receiving even though they most likely had no clue as to the genetics. Then there are strains like Golden Goat; strains that transcend the hype and fleeting popularity in exchange for immortality in the pantheons of great weed.
  • The Genetics – Golden Goat is a super-hybrid, combining two Sativa strains with one Inidica. On the Sativa side, we have the classic Hawaiian, and the formidable Island Sweet Skunk. The latter of which is where the dominant and recognizable smell of Golden Goat comes from. On the Indica side of things, we have the ever-popular Romulan strain.
  • The Appearance – Generations of selective breeding have made Golden Goat one of the most recognizable marijuana strains on the market. This is saying something for a market oversaturated with hundreds of different strains. Robust orange hairs permeate through shimmering calyxes of a gorgeous, dense pale green. This makes the buds looks light and fluffy though they are anything but. Golden trichomes give “The Goat” as it is commonly called the first part of its name.
  • The Aroma – Poignantly pungent might be the most eloquent way of saying this is one overwhelmingly skunky-smelling cannabis. Because of the Island Sweet Skunk, the potency is of the aroma is only accentuated by its other Sativa dominant strain, Hawaiian. Expect the tanginess of pine from the Romulan to be mixed with a pleasantly sweet smell.
  • The High – It really all boils down to this aspect, doesn’t it? The smooth and rich flavor of Golden Goat is the precursor to one of the best strains of Sativa hybrid marijuana to grace the shelves of Altitude Dispensary. The Sativa effects will give you the burst of energy you need to get some chores done around the house. The addition of the Romulan as the Indica strain is a stroke of genius as it keeps the headiness that can accompany some Sativa strains.
  • Medicinal Effects – Golden Goat is highly recommended for stress, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and headaches. It is considered to be one of the best “Happy Highs” of any strain on the market today. The only real side effects reported are the same with any high-quality bud in dry mouth.
Golden Goat is a zenith of Sativa dominant hybrid strains at Altitude Dispensary. It truly is a rare gem when you find a strain with effects, flavors, and smells on par with its aesthetics. However, in the case of Golden Goat, a marijuana strain doesn’t get any prettier or more potent. Contact us today to find out the availability of our Golden Goat selection.