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Sativa Hybrid Strain Review – Blue Dream

January 28, 2016

You will find Blue Dream listed as a Sativa strain on most dispensary menus and weed shops in Denver, and Altitude Dispensary isn’t different. Blue Dream is actually a 50/50 hybrid of both the best Indica and Sativa strains known around the country today, but the end result is just a little closer to the Sativa side of things, so it enjoys being categorized as such. Balancing full-body relaxation of an Indica with the head clearing high of a Sativa, Blue Dream eases you into a calm euphoria without knocking you completely unconscious.
  • The Genetics – On the Indica side of the 50/50 hybrid mark is the legendary Blueberry. The famous Blueberry strain made its indelible mark back in 2000 when it won High Time’s Cannabis Cup for best Indica. On the Sativa end of the Blue Dream is a strain dating all the way back to the 60s, and also the heart of countless hybrids across the spectrum – Super Silver Haze.
  • The Appearance – Depending on the grow, the appearance is most often a blue to purple hue with the beautiful frosty sparkles making it look like it’s covered in a fine coating of sugar dust. The high crystal content is just plain delightful to look at and is just as sticky to the fingers as your eyes lead you to believe it is.
  • The Aroma – This is when there is no mistaking the Blueberry lineage of Blue Dream. If you cannot smell the strong blueberry, fruity overtones then you don’t have Blue Dream. You’ll get the smell of the haze after burning it, along with a surprising and very welcome aroma of vanilla in the smoke. With a really good bud of Blue Dream, after you smoke it your room should have the faintest hint of a freshly baked blueberry pie. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • The High – Instant contentment after smoking is quickly followed by a fantastic daytime high, one this suitable for getting chores around the house done. At the same time, if your mindset is one for going to bed soon, then Blue Dream can afford you the exact high you need to wind down after a long day of stress or chronic pain.
  • Medicinal Effects –Blue Dream comes very highly recommended for stress relief and depression. It has excellent results with chronic pain and even has uses for insomnia and headaches. The only negatives reported with Blue Dream is a slight case of dry mouth, with paranoia ranking very low on the list of possible side effects.
Blue Dream is one of the go-to strains for anyone seeking kicked-back, mindful, and stress-releasing highs. A hybrid of two of the best strains to ever be smoked, Altitude Dispensary is one of the best dispensaries in Denver, and is proud to carry Blue Dream (for as long as we can keep it on our shelves, that is). Contact us today to check our stock and don't forget to join our Frequent Flyer Miles Loyalty Program!