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Indica Strain Review – Jedi Kush

February 4, 2016

“I find your lack of faith in Jedi Kush…disturbing.” This is something we have never had to say to a single recreational or medical marijuana user at the best dispensary in Denver, Altitude Dispensary. We haven’t had to say this because we usually receive nothing but the highest praise from here to Naboo for this one-of-a-kind, amazing Indica strain. A combination of four super-strains, the name is befitting and will make you feel, at times, otherworldly. Be prepared to experience a high awakening of both mind and body, and bring balance to your own force.
The Genetics – Jedi Kush is a mix of two of the best Indicas in the Western Hemisphere. Kicking things off is the already legendary, Death Star, which is itself a cross of the popular Sensi Star and Sour Diesel strains. The Kush side of this breed comes from the anagram-crazy, SFV OG Kush, which is a stellar combination of the original SFV OG and Afghani Kush. These two main strains, which are made from four other dominant Indica and Hybrid strains, is quite deserving of the title Jedi.

The Appearance – Diamond shaped buds about the size of a fun size candy bar, the appearance of Jedi Kush is just as pleasing aesthetically as the high is supreme. Olives and forest greens are intermingled throughout, just as much as the crystalline and amber trichomes surround the outside. The pistils come out of full maturation with a deep crimson hue, giving the flower a sense of constant motion.

The Aroma – The smell of Jedi Kush is very surprising if you aren’t prepared for it. Just like a true Jedi, there are all kinds of surprises. Because of the various strains used to make up this exquisite bud, there are smells of blueberry, lemon, and a strong skunky smell mixed with a light sense of ammonia. Trying to pin down all of the exact aromas would be a continual challenge for olfactory aficionados.

The High – This is a heavy, heady high and will bring you out the Rishi Maze and back again without so much as a blip on the Imperial Radar. You might even break the record for the Kessel Run if you don’t have anything to do on a Saturday afternoon and Pod Racing Season has just ended. A relaxed, euphoric, and happy high awaits you at end of your first bowl, bong, or joint.

Medicinal Effects – Jedi Kush is prescribed mainly for those with high levels of chronic pain and stress, along with those experiencing regular muscle spasms and insomnia. Being such a dominant Indica, prepare for a little bit more dry eyes and cotton mouth than you’re used to. Having a glass of water near by would be a wise choice before taking part.

Jedi Kush is worth of the highest honors of the Jedi Council, and deserving of immortality in their Hall of Records. If you’d like to check out one of the hottest rising strains of 2016, contact Altitude Dispensary today to check our quality products, and don't forget to join our Frequent Flyer Miles Loyalty Program!  With three locations across Denver and Aurora, you can find a location near you.