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4 Super Fun Jobs in Denver’s Growing Industry

In Denver, the changing laws have created a thriving market and booming businesses. And that means jobs—jobs for people with all kinds of talents and skill sets. If you’ve ever considered a career with a local Denver establishments or any other segment of the alternative market, here are a few of the fun and interesting jobs being created by our industry right now. One of them may be your golden ticket to a bright future:
  1. Get on your bike – Just like courier and delivery services for businesses and restaurants, the marijuana industry may soon have a need for these services, too. As dispensaries make it possible for customers to order online or call in their orders, the next logical step is the convenience of delivery. This is especially helpful for people with particular health conditions who depend on medical marijuana but are unable to physically pick up their product. So if you have a reliable set of wheels—whether a bike or a car—the opportunity for marijuana delivery drivers may be coming to a neighborhood near you.
  2. Dust off your people skills – As pot tourism continues to increase in Colorado, the need for individuals with people skills and unbridled enthusiasm for the industry will increase along with it. Already there are marijuana tour operators in Denver and some of the state’s mountain towns offering everything from intimately tailored experiences for individuals and small groups to full-scale large group tours which visit several dispensaries in a day, similar to what you would get with a winery tour. So skilled tour guides who also love to have fun on the job are a must.
  3. Work the counter – A budtender at a dispensary works the counter just like a bartender works the bar, but it’s the budtender’s knowledge of cannabis strains and ability to give expert recommendations which take into account an individual’s expectations, desired effects, and even physical limitations (such as allergies) that take an ordinary customer exchange to the next level. As Sam Becker says in his article on “Just like a great bartender, a solid budtender can really make or break a business.” So if you have the wisdom and experience necessary, keep your eye on these job openings.
  4. Be critical – A potentially harder field to break into, but an interesting job nonetheless, is a strain reviewer. A reviewer who can offer a studied critique of each strain’s effects is becoming more valuable within the industry, especially for patients using medical marijuana who need to know about levels of THC, as well as for consumers looking for reviews and information on sites like Yelp. If you can find a way to sell your reviewing services, there’s likely a ready-made market out there just waiting for you.
Curious about breaking into the business? We’re hiring! Check out our current career opportunities at Altitude the Dispensary in Aurora and Denver. Or stop by to talk to one of our experienced budtenders and see our wide variety of quality products and strains.