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Feeling Stressed? Find Relief at Your Local Denver Business

February 29, 2016

Many natural remedies have long been lauded for their ability to relieve stress and induce relaxation, whether enjoyed for fun or as part of a medicinal regimen. But how exactly does alternative medicine in Denver work to ease anxiety and calm the nerves? Many products have stress-reducing effects which work on your physical, mental, and—some would say—“transcendental” being all at the same time. Let’s learn more:

It’s all in your body
We know that practices like yoga and meditation work their magic on the body by getting rid of tension. But they also create a feeling of stimulation. The mind is open and clear, the body is free of aches and strains, and everything seems to operate more smoothly.

Marijuana creates a similar effect by creating a pleasant sense of stimulation while also loosening up your physical being. According to The Stoner’s Cookbook, using cannabis leads to “an increase in clean, richly oxygenated blood for your body and brain to work off, letting the left brain perceive at a higher rate” while simultaneously enhancing the right brain’s reception. And it’s these ideal physiological conditions that help the body to relax more easily and fully.

No, wait—it’s in your head
So now that the body is relaxed, what about mental relaxation? Calming our incessant mental chatter long enough and effectively enough is much more difficult for many people than achieving physical relief.

That’s why smoking marijuana, and even more so—ingesting it, can help by aiding your brain in producing alpha waves, which are associated with deep relaxation. Being in this serene state allows you to plumb the depths of your unconscious and open the door to your intuition. These same brain waves are also associated with creativity, memory, visualization, learning, and concentration. When your mind is deeply relaxed, you’re better able to solve problems, come up with new and creative ideas, and understand your experiences on a more intuitive level, all which contribute to a clearer, more calm mind overall.

Actually, it’s in your spirit
Your transcendental or spiritual being goes beyond your physical and mental one and is usually associated with a feeling of contentment for “what is”—or the ability to be OK in the moment, whatever the moment is. In this day and age, our ability to accept the moment and to be at one with everyone and everything around us is exceptionally hard, and can lead to feelings of low-level unease all the way up to full-on stress.

But cannabis is able to induce that feeling of contentment, fulfillment, and love for yourself and others. With the mental chatter subsiding and the physical body more relaxed, any residual stress is able to melt away when you feel more at peace with your place in the world.

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