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5 Alternative Snacking Ideas with Health Benefits

March 30, 2016

When it comes to snacking, have you considered options that can help solve some of your ailments or issues? There are a variety of natural ways to snack that can do more than you expect.

Edibles can be found at your local Denver dispensary. They are a great alternative to marijuana consumption if smoking or vaporizing is not your top choice. Below are tips about edibles and the various ways they can benefit you!
  1. Three types: When consuming edibles, you can take them in gastrointestinally, orally or a mixture of both. Gastrointestinal is through foods such as cookies or brownies and is digested in the stomach. Oral edibles come in the form of gum or lozenges and take effect almost instantaneously. There are products available that are a combination of both that has the benefits of both. You get the quick feelings and they last for longer. Learn a little more about the differences in this Daily Beast article.
  2. Better for your lungs: While research has been done that supports smoking marijuana does not damage the lungs, if it is something that worries you, edibles lower that risk.
  3. What makes it different? So what sets edibles apart from marijuana you smoked? The high is much more intense due to the way they are ingested. The high may not happen as instantaneously as if it were smoked because it has to be digested. That being said, be sure to discuss with dispensaries in Denver the effects and how long it may take for you to feel it. Plus, many enjoy that it is discreet. Some do not prefer to smoke marijuana or vaporize which makes them a great alternative option for medical or recreational consumption. Many explain it is a completely different feeling and if you have never used it, do not expect the same feeling that you get when smoking.
  4. Rule Number One—start off small: Because it can take around a half hour to an hour to feel the effects of edibles, it is best (especially if it is your first time) to just eat a small amount and experiment slowly to find the best amount that works for you. Servings usually start around 10mg for you to use during this learning period.
  5. Health benefits: Those who consume edibles use them for enjoyment and to help with various ailments. They have been used to treat autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, muscle inflammation, nervous system disorders, insomnia and nausea. Because it can last up to 10 hours, it can help provide long-term effects throughout the day.

Visit Altitude The Dispensary, one of the top Denver marijuana dispensaries, for guidance on edibles and to find what works best for you! We have a wide range of edibles for you to incorporate into your daily routine. Be sure to ask your budtender about the potency of each edible and help determine which one is best for you. Stop by one of our three locations (West Denver, East Denver and East Colfax) to shop!