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How to Maintain Safety when Packaging and Labeling Edibles in Colorado

July 13, 2016

The laws in Colorado dictate that appropriate labeling and packaging is a critical element to remain in compliance with the legal guidelines. Companies that sell cannabis products must make sure that their packaging is tamper-proof, within the scope and agreement of the laws, and child proof. It is unfortunate for some Denver marijuana dispensaries that they have to stay abreast of the ever changing laws, forcing them to keep up and make the ongoing tweaks to make sure that they are in compliance, protecting the safety of the general public. Marijuana retail code in the state of Colorado covers edibles and other marijuana products.

Give Warning
The appropriate labeling consists of detailed warning statements for the benefit of the public. These warning statements include:
  • The Universal Symbol should provide information about the container holding the product
  • Listing of non-organic herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides that are used in the production of the edibles
  • Listing of chemicals and solvents, if any are used in the production of the edibles or marijuana concentrate
The law prohibits the use of chemicals and pesticides. Edible containers must have a label with a list of the ingredients used. The label should also include the expiration date, refrigeration requirements, and the basic serving limit. If any testing was done for contaminants or potency, those statements are also required.

Retail Stores

If you own a retail cannabis store in the state of Colorado, you must put all your products in a specific container that maintains the following limitations:
  • Must be opaque
  • Must be child resistant
  • If it is not for single use, it must be closable
  • Appropriately labeled to keep with the retail cannabis code
  • Package should not be deliberately designed with the intention of appealing to kids
  • Labeling should not make misleading or false statements about consumer health benefits
  • Text on label must not be less than 1/16 of an inch font size
  • Text on label must be written clearly in English
  • Text on label must be conspicuous without obstruction
  • Text on label must have the Universal THC Symbol
In addition, edible containers must have all ingredients listed on the label. Prior to selling edibles to the consumer from a retail cannabis store, the package must be in compliance to the safety regulations put in place by the federal government and it must maintain the ASTM standard.

General Shipping Rules
If the edibles will be transported from a cultivation facility or retail cannabis store, the container must be placed inside a shipping container. Each shipping container must have an RFID tagged on it before transferring or transporting to another retail cannabis establishment. Once at the retail store, the product must not be placed in such a way in-store to attract person under 21 years of age.  

Before shipping, the container carrying the edibles must meet other requirements. The cultivation facility’s information must be affixed to the container. This includes:
  • License number of the establishment
  • Assigned harvest batch numbers
  • Net weight with the use of standard measures
  • A statement indicating expiration date
All containers holding an edible product must have a fact panel explaining the nutritional value based on the THC servings inside the container and the dietary restrictions involved. If you want to know more about the Colorado laws related to edibles, call one of the popular marijuana dispensaries Denver offers at 720-708-5428 or visit the Altitude Dispensary today.