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What’s all this Interest in Live Resin?

July 20 , 2016

What is live resin? Some think that these are the best dabs that you can get these days in the industry. While this is considered butane hash oil, the primary difference and explanation for its flavor is the material that is used initially to make it. The material that live resin uses is freshly frozen whole cannabis flowers in comparison to cured and dried buds.

Oil Extraction
When you extract oil from the fresh plant, it captures a special smell that can get lost during the process of curing. As THC concentrates develop and advance, stoners continued to seek additional methods of innovation in order to achieve that higher high. For that reason, live resin was discovered by Kind Bill, a traditional cannabis grower. The live resin is produced from plants that have been cut only within a few hours of being harvested.

The Procedure
The process for making live resin involves the freezing of the plants, resulting in flavorful and fresh products. Before the plants are dried and cured from the grow, they are used to make live resin. Other cannabis concentrates like wax and shatter are produced from the flowers that have already been dried and cured.

The Popularity
Now, the question is why is live resin so popular among users? It comes down to the ‘terpenes.’ Many who indulge in extraction and dabbing will concur that the flavor of live resin is fresher. The study of live resin conducted by University of Mississippi indicated that the fresh cannabis which is used in the process has a higher concentration of ‘monoterpenes’ in comparison to other ‘terpenes’ in the plant itself.

The Terpenes Concentration
The ‘monoterpenes’ is a lighter concentration of ‘terpenes,’ which is responsible for giving the cannabis plant the freshness in floral aroma. It also what provides a fresh fruity flavor to the live resin. In comparison to live resin, butane hash oil that is produced from cured flowers will oftentimes consist of fewer than two percent ‘monoterpenes.’

Consistency and Texture
As it relates to consistency and texture, live resin tends to be difference compared to other well-known cannabis extracts. The features of live resin give it consistency. It maintains its golden color and granular evenness. The product is difficult to handle as a result of the consistency in the granular evenness because it gets oily and sticky in nature.

Fresher Flavor
It is an endless quest for medical cannabis specialist as they try to create the finest cannabis products. However, it has been a few years now that cannabis experts have achieved the new high point of superiority by creating live resin. And live resin seems to have gained a lot of traction in medical cannabis dispensaries and among extractors.

Being Set Apart
However, live resin is set apart from the other high grade cannabis products because of its high concentration in terpene, giving it more flavor than the cured cannabis product. Terpene has earned its reputation for much more than its aroma and flavor. Its medicinal properties are evident and responsible for providing added benefits to its users. The particular processing and handling of the raw material that constitutes live resin is what results in the high terpene profile. However, for clarity, take note that live resin has less THC than shatter, but it is hard to tell the difference except for the aromatic flavor.

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