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Why Should You Skip Denver's Green Mile?

July 27, 2016

The Green Mile in Denver is not what you might think it is. It has nothing to do with the book by Stephen King, and nothing to do with the movie, either. No, the Green Mile trend is making life less appealing for visitors. Why? The dispensary store hours are much more strict, and the real estate space is quite limited. For that reason, customers don’t feel welcomed on the Broadway stretch, and usually have to go out of their way to seek better options.

The Marketing Campaign
Green Mile is the informal moniker given to the newly created Broadway Association. Some marijuana shop owners on the South Broadway corridor in the city of Denver have banded together in an effort to create a so-called innovative marketing campaign for cannabis. The concentration is on medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis shops with an emphasis on transforming the area into a commercial strip.

The Area
There has been quite a stir among those in the recreational and medical cannabis industry about this new concept. Since the legalization of recreational cannabis, no other place within the state of Colorado has witnessed such a noticeable stir as Broadway Boulevard and the Green Mile concept. Known to some residents as Broadsterdam, the Green Mile stretch of Broadway runs to the south of I-25 all the way to Yale Metropolis Medical Avenue where the city of Denver stops and Englewood begins.

The Visitors
On every corner, you will find a recreational or medical dispensary. Many visitors start their dispensary experience in this area, but find that it does not fulfill all of their cannabis desires. The shops tend to be smaller and everyone is competing for attention, selling topical products, edibles, buds and concentrates. Moreover, visitors are not given an option if they want to try another location.

The Initiative
There are many shop owners along the Broadway with obvious concern about the Green Mile initiative. Many believe that it has already diluted their hard fought efforts to promote this area of Denver as an “Antique Row.” The intention of the organization is to bring in more tourists, but the ad campaign makes no mention of marijuana due to the strict legal guidelines. Yes, the retail destination is being promoted by the organization, but has also put a dent in how other cannabis dispensaries elsewhere do business. For example, Altitude Dispensary in the city of Aurora offers a different experience to the shoppers, but the new businesses on Broadway has taken away much from this and other recreational and medical dispensaries nearby.

No Comfort
The shops on the Broadway are not as spacious or comfortable. In addition, for all the hard work that other dispensary owners have put forth, it is quite immature for other shop owners to come and reap the rewards so easily. There is major concern about the effect that the Green Mile will have on the industry brand in the state of Colorado.

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