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Guidelines to Eating Denver Edibles

August 3, 2016

Are you thinking of trying edibles? Edibles are unlike any other product on the market, so even if you consider yourself a savvy smoker, it’s important that you read these guidelines. Once you do, drop by Altitude, your local Aurora dispensary and talk with one of our associates about what we have to offer:

Slow down.
It can be tempting to stock up on tasty edibles when you visit a Denver dispensary, but when you actually go to eat them, make sure you pace yourself. When you smoke marijuana, you can feel the high almost immediately or within a few minutes. However, edibles are very different. It could take up to two hours for the full effects of an edible to kick in, leading many inexperienced eaters to believe that they have to keep eating to feel the high. Once everything you’ve eaten does kick in, you’ll be left with a sick, uncomfortable feeling that may last hours. It’s important to pace yourself as you try edibles to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Don’t drive.
Because it takes so long for the effects to kick in, many people believe that they are perfectly capable of getting behind the wheel and driving home. But, you should never consume edibles and drive. If you plan on consuming edibles from a Denver dispensary, make sure you have other transportation arranged. Learn more about your responsibility when it comes to consuming marijuana and driving.

Eat something else first.
You should only buy edibles from a Denver dispensary when you’re starving and need food as soon as possible, right? Wrong. It’s ok to eat these when you’re hungry, just don’t do it on an empty stomach. It’s always best to have some food lining and protecting your stomach before consuming edibles.

Don’t be overly confident.
It’s common for customers to come into our Denver dispensary and think that they can consume larger amounts of edibles than other people because they smoke marijuana on a regular basis. The truth is, the amount of marijuana that it takes to get you high varies based on how you are consuming it. Someone who is a regular smoker could be very sensitive to edibles, while someone who has never smoked a day in his life could tolerate a larger amount of edibles. If it’s your first time trying edibles, talk to the budtenders at our Denver dispensary to discuss how much you should start with to play it safe.

Don’t panic.
If you forget to follow these guidelines, you may find that you’ve consumed far too many edibles. It’s important to stay calm in this situation and talk yourself through it. If you are experiencing extreme pain or discomfort, seek immediate medical attention, but otherwise, just wait it out. Find a safe, quiet place where you can lay down and wait for the effects to wear off, but be patient! Depending on how much you consumed, you may feel the high for up to twelve hours. Try to get some rest so you don’t freak yourself out waiting for the feeling to die down. By the time you wake up, the high will be gone and all that will be left is a slight lethargic, groggy feeling.  

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