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Recreational Cannabis in Colorado and Things to be Aware of

August 10, 2016

There are the typical arguments that the “legalize it” folks have made and its reduced danger in comparison to past legalized products like tobacco or alcohol. These same folks believe that legalization would provide an annual savings of $10 billion to taxpayers than imposing exclusion. Then there is the known reality, which is the tax bonanza to community treasuries. Let’s look at the real figures.

Retail Weed
Retail cannabis is said to incur 25% in state taxes, in addition to the general 2.9% state sales tax, making recreational cannabis one of the most profoundly taxed consumer merchandise in the state of Colorado. There are some municipalities even adding more taxes to this product. The additional proceeds have an annual total of $67 million with $27.5 million going towards building schools as state officials indicate.

The Revenue
With all that revenue, the question now is why would the state bother with having a separate medical cannabis industry? Well, the people who buy medical cannabis do not have to pay the additional taxes as the folks who buy recreational cannabis do. Medical cannabis in the state of Colorado, by law, requires recommendation from a physician and the medical dispensaries have a separate outlet to sell in comparison to the recreational cannabis retailers.

How Much to Buy
Now that we have gotten all of that out of the way, let’s look more closely at the recreational cannabis industry. Many users may want to know how much of this weed they can buy. According to the laws in the state of Colorado, those who are 21 years or older can purchase up to one ounce of recreational weed from a licensed retail store. However, you must present a government-issued Colorado photo identification. If you live outside of the state of Colorado and 21 years or older, you are allowed to purchase quarter of an ounce of recreational weed. Users of recreational weed can share one ounce with their friend once there is no exchange of money.

The Stores
In the state of Colorado, there are about 36 stores that sell recreational weed and in the city of Denver, there are 18 of those retail stores. With not so many of these retail stores available in the initial phase, many were worried that supplies would run out, even on the first day. There are still applicants seeking a recreational license to increase the number of retail stores in the state over time.

Where to Smoke

Where can you smoke this recreational cannabis? You cannot smoke weed in public, even though, it is legalized. You are not allowed to smoke in a retail pot shop or in a store administered by the Clean Indoor Air Act. However, you can smoke it on your private property or on private property owned by someone else, but with their permission. There are certain counties and communities that still do not allow recreational weed stores in their neighborhood jurisdiction. Towns like Greeley and Colorado Springs are among these.

Growing Weed
The state of Colorado allows you to grow approximately six marijuana plants in your home for recreational use. However, the weed patch has to be locked and enclosed.

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