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Before You Use A Vaporizer, Read These Tips from Your Denver Dispensary

Did you just buy your first vaporizer? If so, you probably aren’t quite sure what to do with it or how to use it, but don’t worry—here’s everything you need to know to use your new vaporizer:

Look at the manual.
It may seem like common sense to read the manual before you use a product, but a lot of new users fail to do this and then can’t figure out how to use the vaporizer. It may help to quickly scan the manual before you leave the dispensary in Denver so you can ask the budtenders if you have any questions about what you’ve read.

Grind dry blends.
If you choose to use dry blends, you have to take a little extra time to grind down the marijuana before putting it in the vaporizer. You can use a marijuana grinder to achieve the fine texture you need, or you can visit a dispensary in Denver to find a machine designed to grind dry blends.

After you’ve created a finely textured dry blend, pack it tightly into the chamber before you use the vaporizer. Packing it loosely leads to air pockets, which may not seem like a problem, but this can cause the heat to disperse unevenly to the marijuana. Many first-time users are often dissatisfied with their vaping experience because they forget to pack it tightly in the chamber. If you feel you’re not having a good experience, check the chamber to make sure you have packed it correctly. Learn more about how to vaporize marijuana.

Test it.
Before you start to use marijuana in your vaporizer, do a test run. Some people believe new vaporizers still have chemicals on the surface from when they were produced in the factory. If you let the vaporizer run without any marijuana in it, it will burn off the chemicals so you don’t inhale them into your lungs when you do use it.

To do this, turn the vaporizer on to the highest temperature possible. Keep it running for two minutes and then turn it off. After you have completed this step, it’s ready for use!

Learn how to breathe.
Getting the right breathing technique down can make all the difference when it comes to using your vaporizer. How should you breathe? First, exhale all the air out of your lungs. Grab the vaporizer, but don’t inhale it just yet. Right before your mouth touches the vaporizer, inhale a tiny bit of air back into your lungs. Once you have inhaled with the vaporizer, hold your breath so the vapor stays in your lungs for a few seconds before you let it all out and start over. When you hold the vapor in your lungs, more chemicals are absorbed, so you will feel a stronger effect than you would if you just let the air out immediately.

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