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Types of CBD Oil Products at Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver

October 5, 2016

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is rising in popularity thanks to its many medicinal benefits and lack of potential side effects. What kinds of CBD oil products are there? Here are just a few you may find on the market:

CBD oil can be found in tincture form, which is a type of liquid medicine made by dissolving the drug in alcohol. This form of CBD oil product has become very popular in Denver marijuana dispensaries because it is inexpensive to make and easy for consumers to use. The product is held under the tongue and because of this, hits your system quicker than other forms of CBD oil. Its dropper makes it easy for customers to measure out doses and increase or decrease as needed. Flavors can easily be added to these products, which makes it even more appealing to customers.

These capsules, found in Denver marijuana dispensaries, are made from powdered hemp that has high concentrations of CBD. Capsules are the ideal form of CBD for many customers because they’re odorless and tasteless. For those who don’t like the taste of CBD oil, even when artificial flavors are added, capsules are the right choice. However, one downside of the capsule form is it is difficult to increase your dosage in small amounts, since you are forced to take an entire pill at a time.

Vape Oil
As vaping becomes more and more popular, so does CBD used as a vape oil. To use vape oil, customers apply low heat to the oil with the help of a battery-powered vaporizer, which can be purchased at marijuana dispensaries all over Denver. The heat warms the CBD to activate the ingredients and allows the customer to take a draw through the vaporizer. Customers love that with CBD vape oil, they can get the benefits of CBD without having to deal with the smoke and other potential toxins that come with smoking marijuana.

Topical Products
Lotions, creams and balms containing CBD oil are used to target inflammation, swelling and minor aches in the body. Customers who are using CBD oil to relieve these specific symptoms prefer topical products because they can apply it directly to the part of the body that is causing pain. Although not as common as the other forms, customers should be able to find these topical products in Denver marijuana dispensaries. Learn how topical cannabis can help you.

Pure Oil
Despite the many other varieties on the market, distributors may find that some customers prefer pure CBD oil. Customers should remember to check the concentration of each product that they buy to see how much CBD oil is actually used in it. Many manufacturers try to deceive customers into thinking there is a higher concentration of CBD oil in the product than there really is, so read the label carefully. New users should stick to CBD oils with lower levels of CBD and then slowly work up to higher levels after they have become used to it.

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