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Denver Dispensaries CBD Oil and Epilepsy: Hope in a Surprising Place

October 26, 2016

One unexpected phenomenon to arise from Colorado’s 2014 legalization of marijuana is the influx of families from around the country seeking alternative treatment for their children with epilepsy. Hundreds of families already have moved to the state in the hope of finding a cure, or even just some relief, in the form of CBD oil that they can easily acquire at Denver marijuana dispensaries. This form of treatment for epilepsy is a new frontier in medical marijuana in Colorado, one that is still largely untested, but with promising early results.

Making the Move

One of the main reasons that families choose to come to Colorado is because of the tight federal government restrictions on marijuana and any of its derivatives in other states. It is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, the level with the strictest regulations for a controlled substance.  Because CBD oil is available for medical and commercial useage, Colorado is a great fit for making a home. Getting effective treatment for their loved ones, even if it involves packing up their lives and moving to a new state, is invaluable.

Made For Epilepsy

CBD created specifically for treating epilepsy is a specific compound, cannabidiol, that is made in a lab as an oil-based tincture. CBD is the main non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana; CBD oil is very low in THC, the main psychoactive ingredient. The federal drug laws make it difficult for scientists to access cannabis or any of its compounds for research purposes, so CBD oil treatment for people with epilepsy has yet to be clinically evaluated. Although there isn’t a lot of scientific research on this form of treatment yet, there are many stories (and counting) from people who have experienced the results for themselves. Parents want more research, information, and a chance for their child have relief from epilepsy.

Desperate for a Cure

Parents are desperate for a cure. Children with epilepsy have often been subjected to every invasive and painful procedure imaginable: medications, surgeries, implanted neurostimulator devices, intravenous immunoglobulin, and ketogenic diets. A third of those diagnosed with epilepsy can’t find relief through medication and suffer from intractable seizures. The effects of long-term seizures are well-documented and grim, including behavioral and emotional regression, intellectual disability, social competence, and even death. While more clinical research will need to be done on CBD oil to see if it truly is an effective treatment for children with epilepsy, however for families desperate to help their children, this is a ray of hope. Many of the experimental CBD treatments so far have proved successful, giving young patients and their loved ones good reason to believe in the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

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