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Denver Dispensary Advice: The Best Holiday Gifts For Weed Smokers

December 14, 2016

The holidays are upon us which means crowded malls, long shopping lists, and a lot of wasted time figuring out what to get all of the loved ones in your life. But this year, you don’t have to sit around stressing about what gifts to buy. We’ve rounded up the best holiday gifts for weed smokers in your life to save you time and frustration. Here are our favorite gifts:
Altitude T-Shirt
Show your love for one of the best dispensaries in Denver by buying your friends or family members an Altitude Dispensary t-shirt for the holidays this year. This inexpensive gift can be rolled up and stuffed into a stocking, or given as a gift under the tree.
What are the marijuana lovers in your life using to light their joints? Are they still using cheap lighters found at gas stations and convenience stores? If your loved ones don’t already have a nice lighter, consider getting one for them this holiday season. Choose a lighter that is windproof so your friend does not have to struggle next time he uses the lighter outdoors. Depending on your budget, you may be able to have the lighter engraved with a special message for your friend to remind him or her who bought the gift years from now.
Check out the style of your friend’s home and then find a decorative ashtray that will seamlessly blend in with the décor. Even if your friend already has an ashtray, you can never have too many when you are a regular marijuana user. This is a useful item that will also look great on display, so it’s the perfect gift for the marijuana users in your life.
Dixie Elixir Drink
If your friend already smokes and consumes edibles, why not introduce him or her to marijuana infused drinks, too? One of our favorites is the Dixie Elixir Drink, which comes in a variety of flavors including Peach Iced Tea, Sparkling Pomegranate, and Sparkling Blueberry. But, be sure to advise your friend to pace himself if this is his first time drinking a marijuana infused beverage. It’s important to start out slow when trying a new form of marijuana, so tell your friend to take a few sips and wait before chugging the whole drink down.
Basket of Edibles
Does your friend happen to have a sweet tooth? Go the extra mile by putting together a custom basket of edibles. Buy your own basket, and then visit Altitude Dispensary to fill it up with some of your favorite sweet treats. Your friend will appreciate the effort you put into making his holiday memorable, and will love this gift much more than an ordinary box of chocolates or holiday-themed cookies. Read the 10 commandments of marijuana edible safety.
For more advice on choosing gifts for the holidays, come by Altitude Dispensary, one of the best dispensaries in Denver, where our knowledgeable budtenders can help you find the right medical or recreational product to suit your needs. Contact Altitude Dispensary for more information today!