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​Denver Dispensary Tip: 5 Things You Should Know About CBD Oil

December 21, 2016

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an active cannabinoid, and its oil form has been taking the market by storm. Retailers have been hit with an increased demand for CBD oil products from people who are intrigued by the buzz around this extract. But, what is CBD and why do people use these products? Here are 5 things you should know:

CBD is a main part of cannabis.

Along with THC, CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis, accounting for about 40% of the plant’s extract. Although levels vary from plant to plant, typically there are much higher levels of THC than CBD in recreational marijuana found in weed shops in Denver, and higher levels of CBD than THC in medicinal marijuana. This is because CBD does not cause the same “high” feeling as THC and is therefore not desirable for recreational use.

CBD has medical benefits.

Not many studies have been conducted on humans, but based on initial studies done on animals, CBD is believed to have a wide range of medical benefits. CBD is believed to reduce nausea, inflammation, anxiety, depression, tumors, cancer cells, and psychosis disorders. Pharmaceutical companies in both the United States and the United Kingdom are currently working on new medications containing CBD to treat cancer and epilepsy. Learn more about CBD benefits.

It’s not psychoactive.

As previously mentioned, CBD oil does not produce the same high as THC products do. Because of this characteristic, CBD oil is sought after by people looking for medicinal benefits without the side effects of fatigue, drowsiness or paranoia that could come with recreational marijuana from weed shops in Denver. Although it has not been thoroughly tested, some initial studies show that CBD oil may be safe even at high doses because of how well the body can tolerate it.

It’s still illegal in some places.

Although weed shops in Denver can legally carry CBD oil, this product is still outlawed in many states across the country. People around the country believe CBD oil should be legal because of the many benefits it can provide to those who are suffering, but unfortunately, not every state is on board with this extract yet. Interestingly, some states that have not legalized medicinal marijuana have legalized CBD oil for medicinal use.

It comes in a variety of forms.

Retailers now have various forms of CBD oil products on their shelves. Typically, you can find CBD oil in a paste, capsule, liquid drop, spray or vapor form. The oil can be orally ingested in any of these forms, and is sometimes also created in a salve that can be applied topically, too. Because CBD is on the rise, it’s safe to assume that even more of these products will hit shelves soon.

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