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The Best Strains for Rest and Relaxation

February 22, 2017

Are you trying to reduce the stress in your life? If it feels like you’re always on the go, you may need a little help learning how to take some time for yourself. Here are some of the most popular strains that will help you kick back and relax:

Animal Cookies

If you visit a dispensary in Denver and ask for a marijuana strain that will offer extreme relaxation, the budtenders may recommend Animal Cookies. This indica strain of marijuana is just as tasty as its name suggests with a sweet, yet slightly sour aroma. It is often suggested to those who suffer from severe anxiety or insomnia, and with one inhale you’ll see why. Learn more about the Animal Cookies strain.

Purple Dream

A mix between Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple, this indica strain is perfect for those who don’t want the overpowering high that strains like Animal Cookies provide. Purple Dream is a much gentler option that will give users a sense of calm and help them ease into a more relaxed state of mind. It won’t help those with insomnia, but it will relieve minor aches and pains and clear your mind of worries.

Blue Widow

Blue Widow, which is a potent cross between Blueberry and White Widow, is a unique strain that gives consumers both a sense of calm and a slight boost of energy. However, users do find that in higher doses, Blue Widow becomes more calming than energizing and may cause extreme drowsiness. If you want to relieve anxiety without falling asleep, smoke a little bit of Blue Widow. But, if you want to drift gently into sleep, smoke a bit more to start experiencing the drowsy side effects of the high.

Confidential Cheese

Its name may sound silly, but there’s nothing to laugh about when it comes to the relaxing effects of the Confidential Cheese marijuana strain. Medicinal marijuana users often turn to Confidential Cheese because of its ability to relieve pain, increase appetite, and treat insomnia. But, even if you’re just a recreational user, you can still enjoy the benefits of this strain that may faintly smell like sour cheese.

Raspberry Kush

If you’re looking for a sweet tasting strain, look no further than Raspberry Kush, which as its name suggests, has a fruity scent. This strain leads to an incredibly relaxing body high, so if you’re experiencing any aches and pains, Raspberry Kush could be the right choice for you. Some users have said that they feel lazy after smoking Raspberry Kush, so be careful not to smoke it when you have things to do or places to go. However, others find that this is the perfect strain to smoke before playing music or creating art, as it does not produce a particularly strong mental high.

For more information on finding the perfect strain, come by Altitude Dispensary, a dispensary in Denver, where our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders can help you find the right medical or recreational product to suit your needs. Contact Altitude Dispensary for more information today!