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What's the Difference Between Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Denver?

February 14, 2018

Did you realize there is a difference between recreational and medical marijuana in Denver? There are key differences that change how you purchase cannabis. Each can be used for differing purposes, with key distinctions you as a user need to know. Learn the ins and outs of recreational and medical marijuana, how to obtain your medical marijuana card, and working with your local dispensary for purchasing both.

What’s the difference between medical and recreational use?

All Colorado residents over the age of 21 can purchase cannabis legally, up to one ounce per
transaction. However, if you are using marijuana for medical purposes, or under the recommendation of your physician, prices and purchasing amounts are different.

For medical marijuana, local sales taxes range from three to 10 percent, with a 2.9 percent state sales tax. For recreational purposes, state sales tax remains the same, but local taxes are higher. On average, those purchasing cannabis for recreational use will pay 10 to 15 percent.

If you have a medical marijuana card and are buying under the guidance of your doctor, you will be able to purchase up to two ounces of marijuana at a time.

Steps for obtaining a medical marijuana card

In order to be able to purchase medical marijuana, you must have a medical marijuana card, sometimes known as a “red card.” Your first step will be to talk to your physician. They will give you an evaluation to see if marijuana will help any of your ailments. You will also need a valid ID and social security number. Minors are also able to undergo an evaluation and apply, upon having a guardian. Caregivers are also able to assist with the application process too, upon providing specific information.

As you prepare to apply, make sure you have all of the medical marijuana registry required application information readily available. There will be a fee associated with your application. Upon mailing in your application, it can take roughly a month.

Working with your local dispensary

Upon receiving your medical marijuana card, your local dispensary can help you find the cannabis you need for relief. Keep in mind, while you can possess more marijuana than recreational users, all other rules apply. You are not allowed to smoke in public places, behind the wheel, and all other rules. If you break any of these laws, your medical marijuana card can be revoked for up to one year. When working with your nearby medical dispensary, they will assist you with finding the cannabis you need for the relief. Need more help? Learn how to become a medical cannabis patient in Colorado.

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