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4 Fun Pot-Filled Ways to Pass a Rainy Day in Denver

October 10, 2018

Fall weather means more rain and sleet. If you’re like most Coloradans, the gloomy weather puts a damper on your outdoor activities, forcing you to come up with a fun-filled way to pass the time. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few hours enjoying a pleasant high from your favorite weed shops in Denver, but you still need to find a way to stay entertained. Here are a few fun cannabis-filled ways to pass a rainy or stormy afternoon this fall. 

Get to Baking

Making your own cannabis-infused treats is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to leave the house. If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, consider making cookies. Grab a bag of chocolate chips and make the recipe according to the instructions. Just make sure to incorporate some finely ground-up weed into the flour mixture. 

The addition of the pot shouldn’t mess with the texture or cook time, but it will give you a pleasant buzz when you bite into the first cookie off the sheet. If you’re not a fan of baking, make some marijuana rice cereal treats using the microwave instead of the oven or stovetop. Just remember to use some cannabis butter in place of normal butter and you’ll be satisfying your sweet tooth in no time.

Listen to Music

It should come as no surprise that weed can make your favorite music sound even better. When the rain’s falling, turn on your favorite tunes, smoke a bowl, and let the sounds wash over you. You’ll notice parts of songs in an entirely different way. If your creative juices are flowing, you might even interpret new meanings behind the lyrics that make some of those old tunes even more mind-blowing than they were before!

Read a Book

Many people find that it’s easier to focus when they’re high on certain strains of marijuana. If you’re one of those people, light up a joint and grab that book you’ve been putting off reading. When you’re high, you’ll be able to dive deeper into the plot, identify with the characters, and make it through those long (and boring) descriptive passages that otherwise send your mind wandering. 

Binge-Watch Your Shows

Nothing beats curling up on the sofa in a heavily buzzed state and catching up on your favorite shows. When it’s raining, you have the perfect excuse to spend the day inside and can avoid the self-imposed guilt-trip you’d feel if the weather was perfect. So, pop some popcorn, open your preferred streaming service and get to binge-watching your favorite show. By the time the rain stops, you’ll be caught up and able to stop worrying about your friends dropping major spoilers into the conversation. 

Rainy days are the perfect time to enjoy your favorite strains and edibles. Stop by one of our three locations and stock up before the fall storms start to roll in. Not sure what strain you want to use to beat the gray weather? Our budtenders are happy to recommend some of our favorite products.