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How Cannabis From Your Denver Dispensary Can Improve Your Yoga Practice

February 27, 2019

The new year is the perfect time to start new habits. And if you’re like most people, starting an exercise routine or changing up your current routine is a priority. Getting fit doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favorite cannabis from the best dispensary in Denver. Believe it or not, if you practice yoga, it might even improve the quality of your time on the mat. Here are a few ways cannabis can change your yoga practice for the better.

Helps You Unwind
When you start your practice, you need to relax your mind and get in the zone, so to speak. This helps you control your breathing and muscle movements actively without the distractions caused by work or responsibilities. Cannabis helps make it easier to get into the zone. Instead of staying in your head and worrying about the events of the day, you’ll be relaxed and better able to enjoy your yoga practice. 

Keeps You Motivated
During a normal yoga practice, it’s easy to get caught up in your own thoughts. You start comparing yourself to others. Thoughts of your to-do list creep in during static poses and you lose focus on what you’re trying to accomplish on the mat. When you use cannabis before your session, you’ll be better able to stay motivated to achieve your goals. You’ll focus on your poses as you move in and out of them. And that mental clarity and motivation might just last past your session.  

It Turns the Practice Into an Experience
If you’ve used cannabis before, you know that some strains can heighten your senses instead of making you lethargic. And when used to further your yoga practice, those strains turn standard poses into a true experience. You might feel your muscles move more acutely. This makes it easier to adjust poses and recover your balance. It increases your awareness of where your body is in relation to the mat and makes some poses easier to achieve. But best of all, you’ll move through the session with a sense of awareness you’d otherwise lack. And for many people, this can transform a standard yoga practice into a full-body experience.

Music Takes on a New Meaning
Most yoga sessions include relaxing and motivating music and for a good reason. It’s supposed to help you throughout the session. After hearing the same types of tracks over and over, it’s easy to stop paying attention to them. But when you’re high, those tracks take on an entirely new meaning. You’ll feel the music and notice tempo changes more intensely. You can use these sensations to drive your practice. 

No matter what type of yoga you do, cannabis can add an interesting twist to your practice. The key is finding the right strain for your style. Instead of opting for an Indica-heavy strain, pick up one of our delicious Sativa-rich buds or concentrates. Not a smoker? Don’t worry. We have plenty of edibles to choose from. Stop by today and let our budtenders find you the perfect cannabis option to complement your yoga practice.