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The FAQs on Topicals – Alternative Products at You Denver Dispensary

December 11, 2015

Topical marijuana products like lotions, salves, and oils provide an alternative use for those who don’t want to actually ingest it. There are great uses for topicals including muscular pain and discomfort as well as benefits for skin ailments like psoriasis or eczema. The use of topicals allows for the feeling of relief without any of the psychotropic effects of ingesting marijuana. Because these products cannot actually enter your bloodstream, they do not create the “high” feeling normally associated with marijuana. Here are the top five uses for topical marijuana products from the best dispensary in Denver:
  1. Arthritis: the pain associated with arthritis is caused by a number of things, one being inflammation of the joints. The typical lotions or rubs used for arthritis are different than others because of the need for inflammation relief. THC does not reduce inflammation alone, but if it is combined with active CBD – the properties combine to allow for inflammation reduction as well as pain relief.
  2. Muscle Fatigue & Pain: After a strenuous workout or activity like a sports game, a great way to relieve some of the muscle tension and soreness is by using a minty cooling salve or lotion. The coldness helps de-intensify the muscles and makes the activated area feel calmed and soothed. Strained muscles or tendons can use the opposite effect – heating topicals create a warm sensation on the area and can provide relief for high degrees of pain when applied directly.
  3. Headaches: Tension headaches can be soothed by applying oils and lotions directly to the area – allowing the area to relax and release the tension it holds. Using topicals to treat pain and discomfort is a great alternative for those either looking to stay away from pills or steroids or are intolerant to them.
  4. Skin Disorders: Another way topicals can be the alternative to steroids is for those suffering skin ailments or disorders like eczema or psoriasis. Instead of using a high-strength steroid, topicals can provide the same healing and repairing properties without any worry about overuse.
There are many other uses and conditions that could be managed and treated by using topical lotions and salves from your Denver dispensary – so stop in one of our locations today to speak to a budtender about what is right for you. We give every customer personalized service throughout their visit, and our budtenders can guide you through the process of finding a topical to suit your needs. Check out other methods of partaking in marijuana like vaporizers, tinctures, or dabbing and find out your favorite! Visit any of our three locations today to find out the latest deals and specials.