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Enjoying the Slopes with Altitude's Finest

February 18, 2016

Now that football season has ended, more people will be heading out of Denver and up to the slopes in pursuit of those powder days, and if you’re one of them, you just might smell that familiar smell emanating from the woods. Skiing has long had an “unofficial” relationship, with Colorado's top products, even way before marijuana was legalized in Colorado. And although Winter Park Resort has a famous mountain called Mary Jane, it’s not actually named after marijuana (although it may as well be). So before you stock up at your favorite Denver dispensary, learn how you can partake while skiing or boarding—without getting into trouble with the law or otherwise:

Be Discreet
Many ski runs are on federal land where marijuana is still illegal, so take care in following any and all rules outlined in whichever area you are spending time. If you are caught skiing under the influence, the fine can be steep; the Colorado Pot Guide says up to $1,000. Additionally, if you’re caught openly using on the slopes, you could lose your ski pass. While getting caught may be rare, no one wants to be made an example of. So be smart about it and heed all regulations in the areas.

Be Nice
On that note, it’s important to understand that ski patrol is not out to get you nor is it their job to enforce the federal law. They’re there to keep you safe and to educate you. So if ski patrol stops you because they suspect you might be using marijuana on the slopes, cooperate with them and be respectful. They want to ensure the safety of everyone, and that includes following the rules and mandates of the area.

Stay Hydrated
The last thing many of you are probably thinking about after you’ve smoked some pot is to stay hydrated. But this advice isn’t just for the out-of-towners who have flown in from sea level. Even Colorado natives can have trouble with the altitude when physical activity and recreational marijuana are involved. Don’t get set adrift in your own bliss for too long before you drink some water. You’ll be better for it and your bluebird day will be more enjoyable—and blue.

Take a Tour
If you’re making a long weekend out of it and want to take a day off from skiing, some of Colorado’s mountain towns and ski resorts have started to offer cannabis tours where you can check out local dispensaries, either on your own or with a group. Telluride Green Tours in Telluride, Cultivating Spirits and Summit Lifestyle Tours in the Summit County area, and Durango Artisanal Tours in Durango are just a few outside of the plethora in Denver that cater to mountain-goers.

Check out these additional marijuana tips for your ski trip, especially if you have guests coming in from out of state.
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